A No. 1 like no other German goalkeeper

An exceptional character, in both his sporting and private life. A no. 1 who, like no other German goalkeeper, can look back on an international carrier distinguished by success, awards and records which have not been surpassed to this day.

German Champion

Wins German Championship with B Youth Team S/W Essen.

First professional contract

At the age of 17 years, Jens Lehmann signed his first professional contract at FC Schalke 04. At that time he played in the second national league.

German national league

As a result of conceding just 25 goals in 34 games at the FC Schalke 04, he paved their ascent into the highest national league.

First penalty

Jens Lehmann scores his first penalty.


At the FC Schalke 04, he topped his career by winning the UEFA Cup. In the same year, he was voted the best European goalkeeper. He also scored the goal of the months for Schalke against Borrussia Dortmund.

Move to Borussia Dortmund

He moved to the soccer club Borrussia Dortmund, and qualified with them three times for the Champions League. In 2002, they reached the UEFA Cup final. German National League Championship achieved with Borussia Dortmund.

Move to the Premier League

In the middle of 2003, he joined Arsenal Football Club London. During his first season, he was voted the best goalkeeper of the Premier League. Arsenal are undefeated English champions with 11 points During his time at Arsenal, he held the record for the longest run without conceding a goal in the Champions League, 852 minutes, and replaced the previous record held by Edwin van der Sar. He was the: ldquoMan of the Matchldquo of the FA Cup final in 2005, and in August 2006, he was voted ldquothe best goalkeeperrdquo of the UEFA 2005/2006 Champions League.

Germany's no. 1 at the World Championships

With two saved penalties, he kept the German national team safe during the World Cup against Argentina, securing their entry into the semi-final in a memorable way. He was accepted into the World Cup All-Star Team and received the Bambi for sporting achievement and team spirit.

Back to the Bundesliga

Lehmann transferred to VfB Stuttgart and back to the Bundesliga premiere division. In 2008 he received the Steiger Award in the category of Sport, Fairness and Team Spirit. With 681 minutes without conceding a goal he holds the record of the longest run in the national team. A record he still holds to this day.

Award of the "Golden Glove" by the internet portal

At the end of his active career, Jens Lehmann received the Goldenen Handschuh for the best goalkeeper in the Bundesliga for the 2009/2010 season.

He also published his book "Der Wahnsinn liegt auf dem Platz [The Madness is on the Field]".

Social commitment

Jens Lehmann becomes a member of the Deutsche Kinderkrebsnachsorge (German aftercare following cancer) – foundation for children who are chronically ill.

New in the team

Jens Lehmann is the first Brand Ambassador in machinery manufacturing.

The campaign starts

Start of the international advertising campaign with motifs from the Brand Ambassador Jens Lehmann, together with SCHUNK Mitarbeitern and SCHUNK number one products.

This communication is unique for the sector. The Jens Lehmann EM Online Tippster Game created a furore online and has been a complete success, with tip duels and special bets.

Jens Lehmann impressed the show audience

Jens Lehmann is the attraction at the Hanover and EMO show. He inspires customers, visitors, and fans at photo shootings, during conversations and at the technology-goalkeeper-discussion round.

Lehmann Mmeets Netzer and Völler

Soccer legends Jens Lehmann, Günter Netzer, and Rudi Völler, captivate at the SCHUNK Special Talk World Championship at Automatica.

Factory visit at SCHUNK in Mengen

In addition to the successful appearance at the Hannover Messe 2015 trade fair, there will be another very personal appointment this year. Staff at SCHUNK's Mengen site get the chance to meet Jens Lehmann in person at the Expert Day.

Lehmann Meets Zambrotta and Völler

SCHUNK brings Zambrotta, Völler, and Lehmann live to EMO in Milan.

And suddenly he was there!

Jens Lehmann surprised the employees at the SCHUNK plants in Lauffen and Brackenheim-Hausen.

Lehmann Meets Petit

SCHUNK special talk with Jens Lehmann and Emmanuel Petit live at INDUSTRIE PARIS.

Lehmann Meets Ravelli

Jens Lehmann will meet Thomas Ravelli, the record-holding Swedish national goalkeeper, at the SCHUNK Special Talk on May 11, 2016 at the ELMIA, Sweden's leading trade show for production automation.

Gripper Co-act JL1

Jens Lehmann is the namesake for the SCHUNK technology carrier Co-act JL1 gripper, the first intelligent gripper for collaborative operations that directly interacts with humans.

Hermes Award 2017

The Co-act JL1 gripper, which bears the initials of our brand ambassador, wins one of the world's most coveted technology awards with the Hermes Award 2017.

Locker room conversations with world-class goalkeeper, Jens Lehmann

An entertaining mix of celebrity chat and professional knowledge surrounding top-class soccer and high tech.

Co-manager of FC Arsenal

Jens Lehmann joins the coaching staff at FC Arsenal under the leadership of Arsène Wenger.

VIP talk with Jens Lehmann

To round off the first Motek show day, selected customers received the opportunity to discuss the first 100 days as co-manager of FC Arsenal in an exclusive talk show with Jens Lehmann.

Technology-Goalkeeper Expert Talk:

What does it mean to be open to new opportunities amid the ongoing technological
Jens Lehmann and Henrik A. Schunk discuss with experts: cross-sector, open and honest!