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The Story

The Story

SCHUNK has proven its pioneering spirit in mechanical engineering by recruiting world-class goalkeeper Jens Lehmann as the company's brand ambassador.
Jens Lehmann has given a likable face to the sober gripping technology. Thanks to him, SCHUNK has succeeded in adding a unique emotional dimension to the brand since 2012. Learn more about how this partnership came to be and why Lehmann is the perfect brand ambassador for our gripping technology.

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Jens Lehmann in person

Re-experience unforgettable moments

Experience Jens Lehmann in the likable SCHUNK Team. How do customers, employees, and the press see the brand ambassador? What was the feedback like after his appearances, and why does the No. 1 goalkeeper fit so well into the team at the leading manufacturer of gripping systems and clamping technology?


Discover this and more in our video clip with Jens Lehmann. To play the video, simply click on the corresponding image. We hope you enjoy these exclusive insights.

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Jens Lehmann live at SCHUNK

AMB 2018
September 18 - 22, 2018
Automatica 2018
June 19 - 22, 2018
Motek 2017
October 9 - 12, 2017
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Experience SCHUNK's likable brand ambassador: We hope you enjoy it.