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Heavy-duty rotary module


75 Nm torque for high loads


Electric rotary module for high loads with adaptable servomotor, rotary angle > 360°, center bore, and optional feed-throughs

Advantages – Your benefits

Modular drive concept
for adaption of common servomotors for example from Bosch or Siemens
Easy system integration
by use of a preferred motor with available fieldbus and safety technology
90° swivel-mounted drive
for flexible adaptation to gantries or robots
High torque and precision
for the positioning of heavy loads with high precision
Center bore and integrated feed-through
for cable and media feed-through
High robustness and large loading area
for demanding applications

Options and special information

Flexible in motor and controller selection
The electrical control is carried out via an adaptable servo drive using common standard controller like Bosch or Siemens.

Easy integration
The easy integration into the control system is ensured by the possibility of attaching a common servomotor.

Identical control
The rotary module can directly be controlled like a normal servo axis, and can be interpolated with existing axes.

IP protection class
The specified protection class can only be achieved with the mounted motor.

Unique mechatronic modular system
For setting up combined systems, a range of mechatronic products (e.g. gripper and linear units) are available.

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ERM 160-8-CB-090-B

ERM 160-8-CB-090-B

ID 310550
Ready for shipment from stock
  • Peak drive moment  2.3 Nm
  • Peak output moment  75 Nm
  • Max. drive speed  3000 1/min
  • Max. output speed  62.5 1/min
  • Max. permissible mass moment of inertia  20 kgm²
  • Repeat accuracy  0.035 °
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