Locker room conversations with world-class goalkeeper, Jens Lehmann


The "Jens Lehmann locker room conversations" are an entertaining mix of celebrity chat and professional knowledge all around top-class soccer and high tech. Topics of the first episode, which are expected to run on different online channels by the end of the year, are the fascination with gripping, digitalization, internationalization, careers, and fans and customers.

The campaign is the next important milestone in the collaboration with goalkeeper Jens Lehman, which has existed since 2012. In addition to the "Superior Clamping and Gripping" advertising campaign in the professional and public media, various World and European Championship campaigns and a whole host of employee and customer events, the now legendary Technology-Goalkeeper-Talk ranks as a highlight of the collaboration at leading European trade shows.

Episode 5: Career

The film

In the latest episode of #Lockerroomconversations, our brand ambassador Jens Lehmann, Johannes Ketterer (Business Unit Manager Clamping Technology) and Philipp Schräder (Division Manager Workholding Systems Development) exchange ideas about young executives at SCHUNK, the 70 years of training history, and that special family spirit in the SCHUNK team, which was also experienced by Jens Lehmann at the Hermes Awards.

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Winning without conceding a goal

Torture, pain, concentration and: "Winning without conceding a goal". How a statement from Huub Stevens became a guiding principle.

On the playing field

Find out how to correctly use criticism on the soccer field, and what determines correct behavior towards colleagues on and off the field in this episode of #lockerroomconversations.

Learning by doing

About learning by doing in soccer and why instructions and speeches are so important.

International experience

Why our area manager for development of clamping technology was allowed to enter the premises of one of the biggest employers in China in sweatpants and flip-flops, and how soccer connects people and teaches tolerance even at an early stage.

Special header training

Changes in training standards in sport and industry. How classic training methods in soccer are changing and why Jens Lehmann had to take part in a special header training.


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Do Swabians really need subtitles?
Stage directions from Jens Lehmann!
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Episode 4: Fan and customer

The fourth episode of the locker room conversations is all about the topic "fan and customer". Watch the video and get exciting insights into our expert discussion: What does Berti Vogts have to do with the live experience at SCHUNK customers and what is special about the DNA of the SCHUNK employees?
Christopher Nagel, Key Account Manager, and Bernd Heib, Area Sales Manager for South and West Germany, provide insights into how to turn critics into the biggest fans.

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Loyalty and success
Spectators during the training
Special events

Episode 3: International

Konnichi wa, ni hao, and buongiorno.

In the current episode of our locker room conversations, you will not only find out why things do not work without adaptation abroad in sports and industry, or why a maximum size may sometimes be a problem, but also why the Englishmen are not always punctual or how "Made in Germany" can also be a burden. Jens Lehmann, our CSO, Harald Dickertmann, and the General Manager of our Italian subsidiary, Andreas Kühl will be discussing everything related to internationalization in this episode.

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Soccer connects
The German
Doer mentality
Export hit
Personal contact

Episode 2: Digitalization

How Mario Gomez' digital twin would change the training. Why a good coach has to decide during the game without using smart data, and how predictive maintenance works for both players and grippers.
Jens Lehmann, Dr. Markus Glück, and Dr. Martin May draw exciting parallels between sports and industry on these and other topics.


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10,000 hours rule