The Story

Dear Soccer Fan,
Dear Friend of the SCHUNK Company, if you are asking yourself what SCHUNK has to do with Jens Lehmann the story sounds incredibly easy, but it is also very exciting for me when looking back. Just imagine a boy who has an idea, and how he feels when his most burning desire comes true in a way he could only ever have dreamt of. I was able to experience exactly that.

At the beginning, the idea was to create new paths in our corporate communications. SCHUNK continues to set new standards with its innovative products. This is how we are known, this is our image. However, in our family-owned company with 3,400 employees, there is much more potential in every single employee. Each striving for more, with commitment, fun at work and with passion. I wanted to see and feel this passion in our communication. And the idea of a brand ambassador was born. But who would be a 100% match for us? Who can get across who we are, our values and
our new motto "Superior Clamping and Gripping" the best?

The first encounter

As a passionate soccer player and thanks to the initial support of a renowned advertising agency in Ludwigsburg, I had a clear and immediate impression on precise gripping and safe holding: A world class goalkeeper!

No sooner said than done. In the middle of 2011, I wrote a letter to Jens Lehmann, which reflected my thoughts on a possible partnership between him and SCHUNK. The contact points and analogies between the German goalkeeping legend and ourselves were surprising not only to me, but to him too. His decision did not take long.

In October 2011 it was time. We met in Munich at the Franz-Josef-Strauß International Airport.

Common values

Before me was a man who I continued to look up to. He stood taller than he appears in the photos. For me it has been a meeting with an old acquaintance ndash but not for him. So it is no coincidence that a relationship between a star and a fan is called unidirectional.

After the exchange of the first words it was obvious that we had a great deal to discuss with each other. He talked about himself, his sporting successes, his social commitment, and his family. I told him of our company, our philosophy, our employees, the No. 1 products, and our family. The ice had been broken.

There is really a lot connecting Jens Lehmann and SCHUNK.

The passion of a champion, and the passion of a pioneer, the common fascination for precise gripping and safe holding, as well as the internationality, and the No. 1 position - each as a professional in their field.

A win-win situation

Jens Lehmann recognized the parallels of our company history to his career. We talked about reliability and precision, on social commitment and top performance in a team. And I was
amazed. He was cut from the same cloth. He was happy to accept our invitation to Lauffen and Hausen.

How would the employees react? Would they accept the new person into the team? What happened then can be described in seven words: Jens Lehmann came, saw, and SCHUNK conquered. The team's enthusiasm for him and his enthusiasm for us and our technology were the same. Jens Lehmann could not have expressed it more pithily when he said: the chemistry is right.

See how the chemistry during the making of the film and our brand campaign is right within the team, by which we are the first company within our industry who is setting a new communication benchmark.

I hope you enjoy the Superior Clamping and Gripping site. Yours

Henrik A. Schunk

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