Gripper fingers made of plastic, steel and aluminum - at the touch of a button.

Design and order in 15 minutes.

The world's first fully automatic, web-based 3D design tool for additively manufactured gripper fingers.

The SCHUNK eGRIP browser-based web tool by the competence leader for clamping technology and gripping systems does not require a license and drastically reduces the design and ordering time for customized gripper fingers to just 15 minutes.

SCHUNK eGRIP will determine individual gripper fingers with an optimal 3D contour entirely independently within seconds and using just a few details and worksteps. Even complex geometries can be realized quickly with the SCHUNK eGRIP. You also receive the price and delivery time. You can order right away from the integrated web shop.

You have the choice: order now or request the quotation by mail.

This is how it works:

  1. Simply upload the STEP or STL file of the workpiece.
  2. Select the SCHUNK gripper
  3. Select a suitable finger blank and configure this


Start eGrip

Save automatically with SCHUNK eGRIP.

Reduce time and costs online.

Benefit from enormous time and cost advantages.
SCHUNK eGRIP pays off. The more complex a component is, the more costly conventional design of the finger is. This is not the case with SCHUNK eGRIP. Instead of 2 to 8 hours of design time per finger pair, with SCHUNK eGRIP you can design a finger pair in 10 minutes. You can also save on quote and delivery times.


Savings potential when designing gripper fingers with complex geometries

Time for
2 – 8 hours
10 minutes
Quote/ order
5 – 60 hours
5 minutes

Production/delivery time

1 – 8 weeks

1 week

Production/delivery time
Steel and aluminum
1 - 8 weeks10 working days

The benefits at a glance.

Fully automaticallyThe world’s first fully automatic 3D design tool for additive manufactured gripper fingers.
IntelligentEngineering expertise at the press of a button
SimpleExtremely easy to use
EfficiencyLowers the design costs for gripper fingers by up to 97%
QuickReduces the delivery costs for gripper fingers by up to 88%
Attractively pricedReduces the price for gripper fingers by up to 50%
LighterAutomatically optimizes the weight for steel and aluminum gripper fingers by up to 50%
SustainableA lower finger weight decreases energy consumption of a system and enables shorter cycle times

The facts

Programming languageGerman/English
Currently available
gripper fingers
SCHUNK universal gripper PGN-plus sizes 40 to 125
SCHUNK small components gripper MPG-plus sizes 20 to 64
SCHUNK electric small parts gripper EGP sizes 20 and 50

Polyamide 12 (PA 12), white or black, extremely wear-resistant
Food-safe polyamide (PA 2201), with FDA approval for use in medicines and pharmaceuticals
Aluminum (AISi10MG)
Stainless steel (1.4404, 30 µm or 50 µm)

Reduction in costsLowers the design costs for gripper fingers by up to 97%

Gripper fingers made of steel and aluminum with integrated lightweight construction.

You select the material!

Individually aligned for the respective application, you can choose flexibly between the materials. With SCHUNK eGRIP you can now also order gripper fingers made of aluminum (AISi10Mg, 50 µm) and stainless steel (1.4404, 30 µm or 50 µm). When designing the gripper fingers made of metal, SCHUNK eGRIP uses the technological potential of the selective laser melting for the optimal weight reduction and in so doing saves weight.

The benefit for you:

  • Weight and volume reduction of up to 50% due to automatic savings in materials due to the hollow and grid structures in the design.
  • Cost reduction and shorter production time thanks to material reduction and the use of the most modern production methods.
  • Implementation of complex finger contours for form-fit gripping that could not be produced with conventional machining or only very slowly.

Gripper fingers at the press of a button

  • Shortens design and ordering time to 15 minutes
  • Calculates gripper fingers with optimal 3D contouring with minimal effort
  • Realizes even complex geometries within a short period of time
  • Automatically calculates price and delivery time
  • Can be ordered immediately via the integrated Webshop
  • User-friendly - SCHUNK eGRIP can also be used 24 hours a day without requiring your own CAD program

Further Information

Flyer eGRIP (PDF, 1.8MB)
Highlights catalog gripping systems (PDF, 22.4MB)
Catalog PGN-plus (PDF, 5.9MB)