Milestones of Innovation

We set global standards with our pioneering spirit and perfection. The challenges that our innovative family-owned company has overcome over 70 years of working with gripping systems and clamping technology are reflected in our top-quality products and technical innovations. They stand as milestones our development from a small mechanical workshop to a global player with more than über 3.500 employees.
They are the result of determination, courage, and the work of many highly motivated contributors with team spirit and incredible dedication for the company. We owe our success to the confidence and trust placed in us by our customers. Their appreciation spurs us on every day to do our best. And this goes for the future as well.

Market launch

Gripper EGH

The easiest flexible gripper for cobots to adjust. Start your automation now!

Market launch


With the iTENDO, it was possible to combine the outstanding properties of TENDO hydraulic expansion technology with the option of digital process monitoring.

Market launch

Electric small components gripper

Smart, robust, and extremely flexible. For challenging and varied handling tasks.

Fully automatic Inline Depaneling Machine


The world's first modular inline depaneling machine grows with the needs of the users.

Universal Swivel Unit


The robust high-performance swivel unit defines new benchmarks in compactness, longevity, commissioning, and maintenance

Market launch

Co-act EGP-C gripper

The first DGUV certified industrial gripper for collaborative operation.


SVH 5-Finger Hand

The world's first DGUV certified gripper for collaborative robots.

Market launch

ADDUCO Hydraulic Clamping Nut

The hydraulic clamping nut ADDUCO was specifically developed for precise and efficient clamping of hob cutters, gears, as well as shaft and axis connections. The clamping element, which is balanced at the factory, permanently ensures easy handling and maximum precision clamping within seconds.

Market launch

ROTA NCE Power Lathe Chuck

The SCHUNK ROTA NCE combines lightweight design, maximum load bearing capacity and an extraordinary design language in a single lathe chuck. The geometry of the lathe chuck was adapted to the power flow so that despite the lightweight design, a maximum rigidity is ensured. Compared to conventional lathe chucks, the mass moment of inertia was reduced by up to 30% depending on the unit size.

World premiere!

TENDO Slim 4ax

The SCHUNK TENDO Slim 4ax is the toolholder for axial machining, which is the only one in its class to fulfill all requirements. Heat shrink contour, simple handling, short set-up times, long tool service life, high flexibility along with Plug & Work and applications with minimum quantity lubrication as well.

24 V Linear Modules with Auto-learn technology


Using the SCHUNK ELP linear modules, complete assembly systems can be built for the first time with 24 V technology. If the component weight changes, the SCHUNK ELP linear axis changes its movement profile fully automatically within just two to five strokes.

Computer-supported, realistic simulation in real time

The Digital Twin

A digital twin is the digital form of a real object. The basis is the 3D CAD model, to which all product features, functions and process parameters are assigned – from the material to the sensor system, to the movement and dynamics.

SCHUNK Technology Carrier for collaborative Gripping

Co-act Gripper JL1

Safe gripping has a name now. With the NEW SCHUNK technology carrier Co-act gripper JL1, SCHUNK is paving the way for the first intelligent HRC gripper that interacts directly with humans.

eGRIP finger designer

NEW: Gripper fingers made of aluminum and steel

Individually aligned for the respective application, you can choose flexibly between the materials. With SCHUNK eGRIP you can now also order gripper fingers made of aluminum (AISi10Mg) and stainless steel (1.4404, 30 µm or 50 µm).

Market launch

The new PGN-plus-P

The most-purchased SCHUNK gripper. Unique with its multi-tooth guidance and new integrated continuous lubrication. Now, the multi-tooth guidance contour with lubrication pockets through-hole in the guide.

Mobile Gripping Systems


Shaping the service robotics of the future with SCHUNK. Together with the Fraunhofer IPA in Stuttgart, SCHUNK has established this milestone in the sector of service robots for mobile applications.

Market launch

ROTA NCX power chuck

Following the previous success of the SCHUNK wedge-bar power chuck, SCHUNK is now transferring the principle of quick jaw changes to CNC lathes with short-stroke cylinder.
Particularly when it comes to optimizing production processes, the ROTA NCX stands out as an attractive production turbo due to its outstanding price-performance ratio.
It minimizes set-up effort and extends the productive main times of the machine.

Market launch

TENDO E compact with CAPTO interface

SCHUNK is expanding the successful TENDO E compact product line by adding the SCHUNK CAPTO interfaces C4 and C5 with diameters of 12 mm and 20 mm, as well as C6 with diameters of 12 mm, 20 mm and 32 mm.

Market launch

TENDO Aviation

The hydraulic expansion toolholder with mechanical pull-out safety device. For 100% safety during high performance cutting.

Market launch


The flexible precision grinding toolholder is also suitable for automated tool-sharpening toolholders of a clamping diameter of 3 to 20 mm.

Market launch


The first DGUV-certified safety gripping system in the world, the SCHUNK Safety gripping system. For a consistent actuator concept for safe human/machine collaborations.

Market launch


PRONTO – The jaw quick-change system for a jaw change that takes less than 5 seconds per jaw.

Market launch

ROTA-S flex

Due to a weight reduction of up to 60%, and the flexible clamping range, the ROTA-S flex can be used for complete machining of large and heavy workpieces, and therefore is setting new benchmarks in milling and turning operations.

Market launch

SVH 5-Finger Hand

The first ready for series 5-finger hand with 9 motors. In the latest version of this anthropomorphic gripping hand, the electronics are completely integrated into the hand root, which makes especially compact solutions possible.


Market launch


The automated palletizing system ensures maximum precision during automated machine loading around the clock, with < 0.005 mm repeat accuracy.

Product details

Market launch

ROTA-S plus 2.0

With version 2.0, SCHUNK continues the success story of the best-selling highly efficient manual lathe chuck ROTA-S plus. Jaw change in less than 60 seconds is possible.

Special information

Market launch


The world's most powerful mechatronic small components gripper with integrated electronics. The powerhouse with a gripping force that can be adjusted in four stages, and a gripping force-mass ratio that has improved by 180%

Market launch


The next-generation of quick-change pallet system achieves set-up cost savings of up to 90%.

Market launch

TENDO E compact

The hydraulic expansion toolholder increases tool life by up to 300%. Impressive torques of up to 2,000 Nm at Ø 32 mm, under dry clamping conditions.

Market launch


The SCHUNK Powerball Lightweight Arm is the most compact, powerful lightweight arm in the world with three highly-integrated Powerball modules offering 6 degrees of freedom.

Product details

Market launch


The most powerful pneumatic miniature gripper on the market. The combination of the oval piston drive and bearing guide ensures high performance. Longer gripper fingers and up to 25% higher gripping forces can be achieved with the same gripper size.

Expansion of the product line


SCHUNK extends its product line of magnetic clamping technology. Now an even greater range of standard products of square pole, radial pole, and parallel pole technology for 5-sided machining of ferromagnetic workpieces is available now, and ensures the machining in only one set-up.

Product details

Market launch


Integration of SCHUNK gripping arm modules in the Care-O-bot®. The Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology and Automation IPA used the SCHUNK high-performance lightweight arm with integrated PRL modules with up to 216 Nm torque in the Care-O-bot® for the first time.

Market launch


First SCHUNK 3-finger hand with tactile sensors and 76 measuring points per sensor field. The multi-jointed SDH masters form-fit and force-fit gripping of various objects, which means it can be used both in service robotics as well as in industrial applications.

Market launch


The first pneumatic SCHUNK 2-finger parallel gripper with multi-tooth guidance. The PGN-plus series has the strong combination of a patented multi-tooth guidance, an oval piston, as well as an outstanding product variety.

Market launch

TRIBOS Polygonal Clamping Technology

The unique toolholding system with patented polygonal clamping technology revolutionizes tool clamping and achieves a run-out accuracy of less than 3 µ.

Market launch


SCHUNK 2-finger miniature parallel gripper The new benchmark in pneumatic small parts handling. Base jaws guided on double roller bearings for a long service life.

Expansion of the product line

Lathe Chucks

With the takeover of the plant in Mengen, SCHUNK has launched the product line lathe chucks for lathes.

Market launch


The first pneumatic 2-finger parallel gripper with ground in base jaw.

Expansion of the product line

Stationary Workholding

The market requires universal, precise workpiece clamping. The answer from SCHUNK: TANDEM. The product area of stationary workholding begins its victory run.

Market launch


The PPG industrial gripper made history in 1983. The first standardized gripper was based on proven kinematics solutions for clamping technology. Due to this synergy concept, SCHUNK revolutionized automated handling and took a crucial step toward becoming a competence leader in the field of gripping systems and clamping technology.

Market launch

Hydraulic expansion technology

SCHUNK develops the hydraulic expansion technology, and introduces the TENDO toolholding system.

First Product Area

Standard chuck jaws

Establishment of the first product range chuck jaws, which comprises 1,200 standard chuck jaw types today.