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Discover what it means to work for a family-owned company and global competence leader in clamping technology and gripping systems. Find out how a pioneering spirit and absolute perfection go hand in hand with social responsibility at SCHUNK. Find out more about the SCHUNK spirit where initiative and team spirit are of equal importance. In short - get to know us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Whether you are still in school or a student looking for somewhere to start your career or an executive looking for advancement, we have opportunities for you. Alongside 3,500 friendly, approachable colleagues, you can look forward to excellent prospects for your future development with us in both the technical and commercial fields.

Personnel development and training

Your professional and personal development is important to us. If you want to set global standards and conquer new markets with innovative products, maximum precision and quality, you need the right equipment. Only those who are perfectly "fit" for their daily work on a professional and personal level can think outside the box to see the things that could be improved. That is our goal. Since everybody is different, there is no single career path at SCHUNK. We plan and design your development together to suit you as an individual - with clear targets and agreements from the very start.

SCHUNK Academy

From product training, safety and quality management courses to IT and language courses - SCHUNK experts and external lecturers deliver important knowledge for various sectors at our modern training facilities. Top quality - that is also what we expect at our seminars. That is why we ask students in advance about their expectations and use the results to plan the seminars. The courses provided by the SCHUNK Academy are open to all SCHUNK employees. Obviously course attendance generally has to be cleared with line managers. But if, for example, you are interested in a language course which is not directly relevant to your daily work, you can attend it anyway, free of charge, as long as there is space available in the course and it is not held during your work hours.

SCHUNK training centers

A great deal can be learned "on the job" at SCHUNK, working with colleagues who are keen to share their expertise. But those who are interested in further development not only have to be able to "do it" but must also understand the technologies, principles and background behind their work. That is why we have two training centers fitted with modern machines, structures similar to our production department with an electronics laboratory and training rooms in which we teach our young talent the theoretical and practical expertise they need to do more than just a good job at SCHUNK.

We support development - tailored to individuals!

Do you want to make more out of yourself? We will support you. For example, with your preparation for instructor's license or electrician exams with evening and weekend courses lasting several months. With flexible working hours and other measures, if you would like to gain a master mechanic or technician qualification or take up a course of study or ... Just talk to us!

Career at SCHUNK

Jobs and careers at SCHUNK do not always progress in straight lines. We do not have a fixed plan that you must follow. You decide for yourself what path your career will take through your commitment and performance. The more things you can do and trust yourself to do, the more you can achieve with us. It can all happen much faster than you might think. That is because when you start with us, you take on positions with responsibility quickly - including in the higher echelons of the management team

Regular target agreements and feedback meetings with your line manager will ensure that you know exactly where you stand, what strengths you should exploit and which points you need to work on. We provide you with the support you need for this - with individual coaching, training and seminars, placements abroad, project work and much more. As long as you are willing to commit to it, you can achieve an enormous amount with us - perhaps even more than you can imagine.

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