Visions begin with questions. The most important thing to us is what we can do better to help getting innovative ideas going, to improve the manufacturing quality and productivity and thus to strengthen the market position of our customers. Better for you, is better to us.

Also in a global age we hold the values of a family owned business high to always keep the direct customer contact and to take over personal responsibility.

We not only want to satisfy the needs of our customers, we want to exceed them. With a 100% final-control policy, with continuous improvement efforts and with the proverbially SCHUNK "Caring Culture" that makes the customer requests being one of ours at the same time.

SCHUNK offers more - more willingness to face challenges and to move ideas forward, more activity to invest in innovative technologies, more flexibility to solve the questions and tasks of a fast moving future. That's what we stand for.

To the benefit of our customers.

The most important cornerstones of our company philosophy are, for us: pioneering spirit, a caring culture, and reliability.


"The pioneer has the courage to strike out in a new direction. But he should never lose sight of the customer benefits." Heinz-Dieter Schunk
Pioneering spirit

"Pioneers have the courage to strike out on new paths".

As a customer-orientated innovator, we only develop superior products that help our customers meeting future challenges in automation.
We only change and create what is meaningful and only where our strength lies.

Caring culture

"Better for you, is better for us."

Best customer support, highest operational readiness, and the passion to produce the best product, is part of our caring culture.


"Fit and forget"

Our products and solutions are running millionfold test cycles, and always provide an added value to our customers, and stand for precision, robustness, and longevity.