Production automation

From standard solutions to high tech solutions for Industry 4.0

SCHUNK synergy

Gripping systems and clamping technology for your production automation

Make full use of your machine’s potential - with the extensive product portfolio from SCHUNK. Production automation means flexible, automated production processes with maximum efficiency.

  • High productivity throughout your cycle times
  • Consistently high product quality through precise and repeatable processes
  • Automated unmanned set-up processes

Reduce costs by combining accurate, flexible workpiece machining with dynamic production automation.


SCHUNK linear modules
Pneumatic Linear Modules

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Electric linear axes

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Gantry solutions from modular components

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Your automated handling system


Automated loading and unloading and handling of workpieces in the production sequence allows your production machines to run longer and reduces wage costs. This applies to almost all sectors, in electronics manufacturing as well as the metal working industry, in medical technology, and in the plastics industry.

SCHUNK has developed a broad spectrum of solutions for loading/unloading and handling, based on comprehensive know-how of the sector that ranges from small components to heavy-load grippers. Equipped with application-specific gripper fingers, our gripper modules work precisely and gently until late in the night and for as long as there is still work to do.

Application examples

Handling of aluminum blanks
Robot guiding and mounting
Metal cutting industry
Handling and assembly of battery packs

Your automated assembly


The prevailing challenges in assembly are: consistently precise and extremely stable processes at all times, ever shorter cycle times, and the flexible adaptability of automation solutions to changing production requirements. And all of this within the context of the ever-increasing miniaturization of components, and with that, micro-assembly is being focused on more and more. In different sectors, DIN standards and safety regulations must be strictly adhered to as well.

SCHUNK combats these challenges with extremely precise, industry-tested gripping modules and handling systems for process-relevant, adapted cycle times. These are designed according to the specific sector and application and can be equipped with a wide range of accessories. Our customers profit from our application and industry know-how and gain a decisive competitive advantage.

Application examples

SCHUNK Industrie 4.0 Zelle auf der HMI 2015
Robotergeführtes Fügen und Montieren
Handling und Montage von Batteriepacks

Your automated machine loading/unloading solution


In metal cutting, successful automation projects can be recognized by the flawless interaction of all of the systems and components used - inside and outside the machining area. The prerequisite for this are unified, functioning interfaces.

SCHUNK has established itself as a partner of the metal processing and working industries with its wide-ranging solutions. Our common goal is: maximum precision in processing and the highest product quality for the optimum cost. With this goal in mind, we develop and manufacture for special requirements in the machining of exceptional solutions.

Application examples

Automated machine loading with VERO-S