We are offering you different programs, among others for calculating payloads and cycle times, for parameterization, operation, and an identifications software.


Clamping Technology

TRIBOS Polygonal Clamping Technology/TRIBOS SVP-4 clamping device control unit software: analysis software

You can find the latest version of the software for the SVP-4 control unit here. Date: October 31, 2012. Please note our disclaimer*

Gripping Systems

Modular assembly automation TOOLBOX

The TOOLBOX software enables you to calculate loads and cycle times for individual linear and rotary modules in the modular assembly automation system. Thanks to the additional extension, this is now also possible for the pick&/place combination modules DRL and PPU-P. All the parameters that occur during operation are factored in accordingly to give you maximum planning security. The refined tools now allow you to calculate all the available new products for your modular system. Date: April 2015
Modular assembly automation KOMBIBOX

The KOMBIBOX software tool quickly and easily determines which modules, adapter plates, and centering parts in our modular assembly automation system can be combined with one another to create complete handling systems without mechanical machining. The Excel-based software can now also be used with Excel 2010, includes an extension for the SCHUNK pillar assembly system in addition to a range of newly integrated products (incl. GSM-P, ELS, GAP). As such, the tool offers a comprehensive overview of the combination options available within SCHUNK's range.   Once you have chosen the right combination for you, the software works out what assembly accessories you will need, including all the necessary standard parts. It also calculates the positional coordinates for the combined modules. Note: At least 35 MB of free memory is required to open the Excel files. Loading time: up to 60 seconds, depending on the features of your computer. There are no waiting times during the actual use of the software. Since the files contain macros, you may need to deactivate your virus protection for Excel files. In addition to this, all ActiveX control elements must be fully activated. If in doubt, contact your system administrator. Date: April 2016
SSG gripper calculation program - complete and consistent

SSG calculates which gripper will suit your handling task. In just a few steps, the input window goes through all the parameters required for the design. The program provides extensive information and 3D illustrations at the relevant points to aid this intuitive process. For experts, there is a wide range of options for altering the parameters. Date: August 17, 2007. The current software version already contains Patch 02. Please note our disclaimer* CAUTION: depending on the system configuration and authorization structure of the computer on which you wish to install the software, an administrator may be required in order to make the software fully functional. Please read our FAQ! Download the gripper calculation program:
FPS operating software

The FPS multi-position sensor is the world's first gripper sensor with remote maintenance capabilities. You can check the function, status and programs of the sensor at any time and from anywhere in the world. The software and documentation required to operate the FPS properly is available free of charge here. Please note our disclaimer*
MPC Configurator

  Control and programming software for the electric axis system. Date: March 10, 2008. Please note: The MPC Configurator is only suitable for use with the following controller types: E 1100-MP E 1100-MP-HC E 1100-MT E 1100-MT-HC Please note our disclaimer*

Control and programming software for all bus controllers for the electric axes for modular assembly automation. Date: January 13, 2009
Rotary actuator calculation program in development

To calculate the design, please contact our technical hotline on +49-7133-103-2696.
SPS Functional Module for PPU-P / DRL

Date: 3/14/2016   SPS functional module to facilitate the start-up of the pneumatic pick-and-place modules PPU-P and DRL. The module contains a sequential program, but can be adapted to customer-specific applications. All other information is contained within the enclosed documentation. The module is suitable for the following product types: - PPU-P - DRL   Note: the module is applicable for the following software: - TwinCat System Control v2.11.0 (Build 2200) / TwinCat NC I v2.11.2241 (Build2241) - CoDeSys Version 2.11 / Service Pack 9 (Build Jul 13 2000). - Siemens TIA‐Portal V13 - Siemens SIMATIC Manager Step 7 classic v5.5


Adobe Acrobat Reader

In order to view, navigate and print PDF files you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge.

SCHUNK GmbH & Co. KG assumes no liability for damages resulting from use of the programs. This applies in particular to personal injury, damage to property or financial losses which occur as an indirect or direct result of using the programs. In case of problems relating to installation or use, please contact our user service, telephone number:+49-7133-103-2696. Before completion of the programs, the files were checked for viruses using the latest technology. SCHUNK strives constantly to improve its software and error correction. Please check regularly that your installations are up-to-date and only make calculations using the latest versions.


Software for mechatronic modules

In the following, you will find various software tools and operating instructions to configure, operate and program SCHUNK's mechatronic modules. Depending upon the version of your module, please select the corresponding tools. Should you have any questions, or for support in making a choice, the staff in our Mechatronic Customer Service Center will be happy to help you: telephone number +49-7133-103-2992. Please note our disclaimer*
Software and operating manual for modules with protocol and version 4 electronics

Software and operating manual for modules with Schunk Motion Protocol (SMP) and version 5 and 6 electronics

SCHUNK USB driver package for Windows 2000, XP, 7, 8, 10