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With the iTENDO², it has been possible to combine the excellent features of TENDO hydraulic expansion technology with the possibilities of digital process monitoring in one toolholder. If one looks into the process starting from the place of metal cutting, the iTENDO² intelligent toolholder is the first non-wear part, "closest-to-the-part," and therefore it is ideal for signal acquisition.

The toolholder for an easy entry into digitalization

Digitalization is considered to be the greatest challenge in the manufacturing industry. However, it also offers chances for the companies in creating processes more precise, reliable, and faster. The precondition for this, is maximum process stability achieved by intelligent solutions and components that can recognize unforeseeable instabilities, and intervene in real time. The resulting effects are a minimization of rejects, a noticeable reduction of production times, as well as an important increase in quality and efficiency – even in the case of small batch sizes. With the new iTENDO², SCHUNK is setting yet another milestone when it comes to digitalization in the metal cutting industry. Due to the real-time capable data communication, SCHUNK offers for the first time a very easily applicable form of process optimization with a toolholder.

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The technical highlights
at a glance

  • Real-time capable data communication and process analysis
  • No change of the external contour, no restrictions on the use of coolants. Can replace standard toolholders 1:1.
  • Process transparency through intuitive user interface and process-specific apps.
  • Speeds of rotation up to 30,000 RPM make a wide range of applications possible

The iTENDO² in use

When countersinking, the iTENDO² monitors compliance with the surface quality. In this application, monitoring of the countersinking process is used for quality and process control as well as for documenting features that are critical to the function.
Drill wear detection
A drill with < 3 mm diameter is difficult to monitor due to its low cutting forces. The challenge is to detect wear (wear trend) and replace the tool before it breaks.
Automated brush readjustment
The edges on a workpiece surface are deburred with a brush operation. As the brush wears, the infeed must be readjusted. The iTENDO² enables automatic infeed.

Start using the iTENDO² now

Getting started with transparent data acquisition with the iTENDO² is easier than ever. Connect the toolholder to the tablet PC with a simple click and the iTENDO² can immediately detect irregularities, and help you to work even more efficiently in various machining processes. On the tablet PC, the process can be followed in real time, recorded and started by setting the exact limits in the parameters for automatic recording. In our video, we show how user-friendly and uncomplicated the handling is.

iTENDO² pad "to-go"
The iTENDO² pad package is delivered in a convenient aluminum case. This means that all components can be
protected during storage and it offers flexible transportation to the machine in the event of temporary
process monitoring. You can also find other toolholders in our store which are perfect for your application and your machine.

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