TENDO E compact

The universal hydraulic expansion toolholder – for every application, for every cutting edge.

The universal expansion toolholder - for every application, for evey cutting tool

Tighter tolerances, huge cost pressure, better quality – TENDO E compact is the answer to increasing demands in volume cutting - demands which can no longer be met economically using ER collets, heat shrink toolholders, Weldon toolholders and technically below par hydraulic expansion toolholders. In the TENDO E compact hydraulic expansion toolholder, SCHUNK has succeeded in combining all high-performance parameters in a single state-of-the-art toolholder, which not only meets all requirements but even surpasses them. The TENDO E compact comes with a price which makes it easier to change from mechanical and thermal toolholders to significantly higher-precision TENDO quality.

* This is proven in a study that was carried out by the wbk, the Institue for Production Technology at Karlsruhe Insitute of Technology (KIT)

The benefits at a glance.


  • Up to 300% longer tool life.*
  • High moments, now up to 2,000 Nm at ∅ 32 mm under dry clamping conditions, 900 Nm for oily tool shanks
  • Perfect surfaces – no chatter marks
  • Minimum noise emission
  • Reduced workshop costs
  • Tool change within seconds without peripheral equipment.
  • Permanent run-out accuracy and tool change. Repeat accuracy < 0.003 mm
*Proven by a study conducted by the wbk, Institute of Production Science at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Customer testimonials

“I have tried out several power chucks, but the TENDO E Compact is the perfect solution in terms of holding force and improved tool life.”

Ullrich Gallmetzer
Manager Ullrich Gallmetzer CNC Processing

“Tests have shown that the desired results simply cannot be achieved with other clamping systems.”

Bernd Böttcher
Head of Technical Solutions, Sartorius Weighing Technology GmbH, Göttingen

“With TENDO E compact, you can be sure that the mill will not twist in the mounting.”

“Tendo E compact performs exceptionally, if you compare the price and function with other toolholding systems. The tool mounting combines long tool life and relatively low investment costs."

Daniel Bernhardt and Sebastian Grasser
Hofmann GmbH

"With the TENDO E compact, the milling cutter is running more quiet. Moreover, the surface is much more evenly, as each cutting edge removes the same amount of material. On top of that, process stability and dimensional accuracy considerably improved. With the TENDO E compact, I've got a toolholder that really can do it all."

Martin Braun
owner of the Ingenieurbüro Martin Braun engineering firm

Sectional diagram

Sectional diagram

  1. Clamping screw
  2. Clamping piston
  3. Expansion sleeve and chamber system
  4. Base body
  5. Length adjustment screw
  6. Tool
  7. Dirt groove

  8. Product Details

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