The world's most proven gripper on the market

The pioneer in gripping technology

In 1983, the industrial gripper PPG made automation history. The first standardized gripper is based on the proven kinematics solution of the clamping technology. With this synergy idea, SCHUNK revolutionized automated handling and made a decisive step on the way to becoming the competence leader for clamping technology and gripping systems. 

SCHUNK grippers – the milestones from 1983 to 2018

2018 - EGP-C
The first certified industrial gripper for collaborative operation.
2017 - EGL 90
Servo-electric 2-finger parallel gripper with sensitive gripping force control and long stroke
2016 - Co-act Gripper JL1
The NEW HRC from SCHUNK interacts intelligent gripping and safety with humans.
2015 – The new PGN-plus-P and PGN-plus-E
Market participants call it the benchmark. For our customers, the PGN-plus is the most proven universal gripper on the market for more than 15 years.
2015 – Care-O-bot®4
Shaping the future of service robotics with SCHUNK.
2014 – EGN/EZN
The world’s first DGUV certified SCHUNK safety gripping systems.
2013 – SVH
The first 5-finger hand with 9 motors that is ready for series production
2011 - EGP
The world’s most powerful mechatronic gripper for small components with integrated electronics
2010 - LWA4P
The SCHUNK Powerball Lightweight Arm with the world’s most compact performance. With three perfectly integrated Powerball modules and 6 degrees of freedom
2010 - MPG-plus
The most powerful pneumatic miniature gripper on the market
2008 - PRL
Integration of PRL gripper arm modules in Care-O-bot®
2006 - SDH
The first SCHUNK 3-finger hand with tactile sensors and 76 measuring points per sensor field
2004 - LMG
The first food gripper with “hygienic design”
2003 - PEH
The first servo-electric 2-finger parallel gripper
2001 - PG
The first electric 2-finger standard gripper
2000 - PGN-plus
The first pneumatic SCHUNK 2-finger parallel gripper with multi-tooth guidance
1997 - SGH
The first multi-jointed gripping hand for robots
1994 - MPG
SCHUNK 2-finger miniature parallel gripper. The new benchmark in pneumatic small parts handling
1989 - KONEX
The first 2-finger parallel gripper made of high-performance plastic
1987 - HUG
The first hydraulically actuated 2-finger long-stroke gripper
1985 - PGN
Der erste pneumatische 2-Finger-Parallelgreifer mit eingeschliffenen Grundbacken
1983 - PPG
The first pneumatic SCHUNK standard gripper

With a pioneering spirit and perfection we are shaping the future of gripping systems ...

... in doing so, we go head-to-head with the most challenging industry requirements and will find solutions for them. The results are resilient and long-lasting innovations, which ensure for over 30 years the highest reliability for plants and machines worldwide. As the ideal brand ambassador for clamping technology and gripping systems, the German goalkeeper legend Jens Lehmann represents our No. 1 position since 2012. For more than 30 years our products in automated plants in every industry are setting standards worldwide: the SCHUNK gripper. 

With Jens Lehmann we have given a face to safe, precise gripping and holding, and have created a synonym for our company claim “Superior Clamping and Gripping.“ This inspires our fans and customers, employees and suppliers. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for this positive response. After more than 30 years of full commitment, we are happy that we can offer the most comprehensive gripping systems program – standard gripping modules, ready-to-install gripping systems assembly groups and manifold customized special gripping systems for your applications in the field of assembly, handling and robotics.

We wish you improved end results with your SCHUNK grippers and say THANK YOU to all our customers

Your Schunk family, Jens Lehmann and the whole SCHUNK team.

Henrik A. Schunk
Heinz-Dieter Schunk
Kristina I. Schunk
Jens Lehmann

A class of its own

SCHUNK offers the world’s most comprehensive gripper program

Standard grippers, ready-to-install gripping systems assembly groups, and manifold customized special gripping systems for your requirements in the field of handling and assembly, automation, and robots. You can benefit from our more than 30 years of gripping solutions:

  • More than 2,550 standard grippers

  • more than 300 mechatronics grippers

  • more than 12,000 implemented gripping system solutions

  • more than 1,000 000 times in use worldwide


All SCHUNK grippers at a glance



SCHUNK Gripper Highlights of more than 2,550 Standard Grippers

Intelligent, collaborative and safe
Up to 190 kg workpiece weight
Up to 25% higher gripping force at the same gripper size
Ultra-flexible due to adaptable drive
The most powerful electric gripper for small components

Pneumatic SCHUNK Grippers

Our gripping systems program with its pneumatic standard grippers is said to be the world’s most comprehensive of its kind. SCHUNK grippers are distinguished by highest product quality, precision, and are setting benchmarks in automated plants of all industries for more than 20 years worldwide. Our gripper sizes with the optimum graduated series cover the complete range of workpieces.

  • High gripping forces

  • Long stroke range with regard to the size

  • Easy commissioning

  • High torque capacity

  • Strong kinematics for highest service lifetime


Product finder SCHUNK grippers




Pneumatic grippers in use

Handling with high-speed delta robot in the food and ...

Handling of raw/ finished parts and workpiece direct clamping

Handling in gear production and assembly

Assembly of valves in the automotive industry

Mechatronic SCHUNK grippers

SCHUNK offers more than 300 standard components and the most comprehensive product range of electric modules under the Mechatronik3 strategy.

  • Freely adjustable positions

  • Flexibly adjustable gripping forces


Product finder SCHUNK grippers

Mechatronic grippers in use

Handling of screws in the medical technology

Equipping and assembly in the electrical industry

Pick & Place

Bin picking in the intralogistics

SCHUNK gripper accessories

SCHUNK offers the widest variation with about 150 sensor variants and a broad pallet of high-quality accessory components on the market.

  • Exactly measuring forces

  • Determining the positions

  • Workpiece query

  • Minimizing energy consumption

  • Dust-, corrosion protection, and high temperature


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