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SCHUNK at the Automatica 2018

Open. SCHUNK presented itself with this slogan at Automatica 2018.

In the age of digitalization, new methods are opening up to help shape the entire working world as well as the production environment in particular. Maximum flexibility and efficiency are just two aspects that facilitate the digitalization of production processes. The intelligent, smart components from SCHUNK open up new fields of applications, high transparency of processes and results and associated to this new strategies for you. At the same time, with our solutions you can remain absolutely flexible. They choose the production facility, the robot and the software solution!

Experience again how SCHUNK components help to reveal and harness the potential in your process.

Technology-goalkeeper-experts talk with Jens Lehmann

Numerous visitors met our brand ambassador and goalkeeper legend Jens Lehmann in person.

At the Technology-goalkeeper-experts talk, our brand ambassador Jens Lehmann and Henrik A. Schunk, Chief Executive Officer of SCHUNK, discussed what it means to be open to new opportunities in this current period of technological change with Frank Blase, Managing Director/CEO of igus® GmbH, Dr. Bernd Liepert, Chief Innovation Officer at KUKA AG and president of euRobotics AISBL – the European Robotics Association, and Anja Schneider, Global Vice President, Head of Strategy & Customer Innovation at SAP Deutschland SE & Co. KG under the slogan "Open. Future Technology in a Connected World." Cross-sector, open, and honest!

Watch now the recording of our live stream!


End-of-arm expertise

SCHUNK grippers are not just extremely flexible but also fit to practically any robot. Be it a collaborating system, high-speed application or assembly application. Your solution: SCHUNK grippers!

Open. For any Robot

Our extensive End-of-Arm range from SCHUNK offers you numerous components for a solution that is flexible and specifically adapted to meet your requirements. Just like in a modular system, the individual components can be efficiently combined. Be it a collaborating system, high-speed application, or assembly automation. Your solution:

robots. Equipped by SCHUNK

Open. For any Interface

The electrification or mechatronization of systems, besides having other advantages, also provides the basis for intelligent applications and solutions. 24V technology gives users an easy, cost-effective way in. At the Automatica, SCHUNK is offering components and solutions which can consistently realize complete assembly systems consisting of linear axes, rotary modules, and grippers on the basis of 24 V.

24 V technology from SCHUNK

Open. For any Cloud

Monitor processes in real time and evaluate data in order to directly implement optimizations? With SCHUNK components, this can be achieved. From their exposed position "closest to the part", they gain data directly from the workpiece and provide this data reliably to you wherever you need it. You define the system, we feed it, and help you make decisions for improved processes.

Solutions for digitalized processes

Co-act gripper meets cobots

The NEW SCHUNK grippers for collaborative operations. Interacting intelligently and safely with humans.

Under the brand name Co-act (collaborative actuator), SCHUNK will be presenting its gripping technology program for safe human-robot collaboration (HRM). SCHUNK received the Hermes award at the Hannover Messe 2017 for the SCHUNK Co-act JL1 gripper, the world's first intelligent gripping module for human/robot collaboration, which directly interacts and communicates with humans. The Hermes Award is the most coveted technology prize in the world.

To special HRC

The new SCHUNK End-of-Arm modular system

The most comprehensive modular gripping system for all Universal Robots on the market.

The new SCHUNK End-of-Arm modular systems, exclusively for Universal Robots, facilitates the individual and swift automation of handling and assembly tasks. Besides the conventional automation, a gripper for collaborative operation is also contained in the modular system.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Diversity
    Complete SCHUNK modular systems for the individual automation with electrical and pneumatic SCHUNK grippers, changing system and force/torque sensor, precisely fitting, exclusively for Universal Robots.
  • Plug & Work
    Compatible interfaces and suitable grippers. Plug-in for swift assembly and installation.
  • Simple automation
    In the area of handling and assembly, the robo-act modular system in combination with Universal Robots is reducing the time for the implementation of an application several times over.

New SCHUNK products and innovations

The new SCHUNK gripper PGN-plus-E with IO link
The world's first electric gripper with multi-tooth guidance and IO link technology.
SCHUNK EGP small components gripper now with IO link
The electric small components gripper with the most compact performance in assembly automation. Now also with IO link technology!
The new SCHUNK EMH magnetic gripper with 24 V technology
The first compact electropermanent magnetic gripper with integrated electronics.
The new SCHUNK SRM rotary module
The most robust pneumatic rotary module with the highest power density on the market.