SCHUNK presents gripping system solutions for the automation of the future

Overview of the Hannover Messe 2018

Intelligent handling scenarios, autonomously working systems and collaborative applications have one thing in common: They require reliable, efficient and smart components that enable high-level communication.

From April 23 to 27 at the Hannover Messe, we will show you solutions for smart gripping trends, Industry 4.0, the collaboration between humans and robots, and assembly automation.

Visit us in Hall 17 I Booth B40. We'll show you how future production can be implemented today.

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Your SCHUNK team

Smart product life cycle – Equipped by SCHUNK

SCHUNK products, tools, and services for smart production
As the leading supplier of robots and production machines, SCHUNK is "closest to the part." Our components and services play a decisive role in digitalization and production.

Computer-aided, realistic
simulation of SCHUNK products
in real time.

Digital twin – what does this mean?

A digital twin is the digital form of a real object. The basis is the 3D CAD model, to which all product features, functions and process parameters are assigned – from the material to the sensor system, to the movement and dynamics. As an intelligent 3D model, the Digital Twin facilitates a realistic simulation in a computer-aided simulation environment.
All aspects of the operation and processes can be tested in real time. This facilitates the programming and optimizing of the sequence and the testing of extreme situations before the availability of individual components and modules.

In short: virtual commissioning will be possible before the planning phase.

Virtual production: SCHUNK models digital gripper twins for high-performance assembly

SCHUNK wins Hermes-Award 2017

The Hermes Award, one of the most covered technology prizes in the world, goes to the competence leader for gripping systems and clamping technology SCHUNK from Lauffen, Germany this year. During the opening of the Hannover Messe by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the Managing Partner Henrik A. Schunk accepted the award from the Federal Education Minister Prof. Dr. Johanna Wanka. The SCHUNK gripper JL1 Co-act, the world's first intelligent gripping module for human/robot collaboration to directly interact and communicate with humans, was demonstrated for the first time.

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The German Chancellor visits SCHUNK, the winner of the Hermes Award 2017

SCHUNK, the competence leader for gripping systems and clamping technology from Lauffen, Germany achieved a rousing start to the Hannover Messe: right from the opening of the world's leading industrial trade show by German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel, the innovative family-owned company was distinguished with the Hermes Award 2017, one of the most coveted technology prizes in the world, by Prof. Dr. Johanna Wanka. During her visit to the trade show on Monday, the Chancellor visited SCHUNK's show booth and Henrik A. Schunk, the Managing Partner of SCHUNK, the innovative family-owned company, presented smart gripping modules that facilitate direct collaboration between humans and robots (HRC). With its HRC grippers from the SCHUNK Co-act range, the Swabian technology expert is making an important contribution towards the future of production.

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