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Robust high-performance swivel unit defines new benchmarks in power density, durability, commissioning and maintenance
08.2018 | Gripping
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HRC combines human and robot strengths
07.2018 | Gripping Systems
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Climbing robots pinch the coconut
07.2018 | Company
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3D printing service for additively manufactured engine building components
07.2018 | Clamping Technology / Gripping Systems
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Company profile

Superior clamping and gripping

The company was founded in 1945 by Friedrich Schunk as a mechanical workshop, and has developed under the leadership of Heinz-Dieter Schunk to a competence and world market leader for clamping technology and gripping systems. Today, the company is run by the third generation siblings Henrik A. Schunk and Kristina I. Schunk.

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Press Contact

Press Contact

Tel.: +52-442 211 7807
Fax: +52-442 211 7829
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Die Schweizer AERNE ENGINEERING AG hat in Zusammenarbeit mit #SCHUNK eine #Montagezelle für #Spritzgussteile entwic…

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SCHUNK tweets

Inbetriebnahmetools und flexible Aufsatzfinger vereinfachen bei Co-act Greifern den Einstieg in die Mensch-Roboter-…

@SCHUNK_HQ, before 6 Days