150% higher rigidity
The high-performance, pneumatic quick-change pallet system for universal milling processes.

Our bestsellers and new products

The most proven gripper on the market. Now NEW with perfected multi-tooth guidance and permanent lubrication. Lifetime maintenance-free.
JL1 Co-act Gripper
Safe, collaborative gripping has a name now.
Jens Lehmann
German goalkeeper legend and our brand ambassador for safe, precise gripping and holding.
The high-performance pneumatic quick-change pallet system for universal milling operations.
TENDO Slim 4ax
The world's first slim hydraulic expansion toolholder in standardized heat shrinking contour as per DIN 69882-8.
Linear module ELP
No other electric linear module on the market is as easy to adjust.
The quick-change pallet technology that reduces your set-up time by up to 90%.
The world's first DGUV-certified 5-finger hand.
The most diverse powerhouses! This is how to clamp efficiently.
TENDO E compact
The universal hydraulic expansion toolholder. Extends your tool service life by up to 300%.
The first simple electric gripper with proven multi-tooth guidance, permanent lubrication, digital actuation, and 24 V drive.
SCHUNK Grippers
SCHUNK Grippers - The milestones from 1983 to 2016.
ROTA-S plus 2.0
The manual chuck for jaw quick change in less than 60 seconds.
The electric gripper for small components with the most compact performance in assembly automation. 180% better gripping force/mass ratio.
5-sided workpiece machining in a single set-up. Deformation-free and low-vibration clamping.
The most powerful pneumatic miniature parallel gripper on the market. 25% higher gripping force.
The rotary actuator with the largest, most comprehensive range on the market. 100% cycle increase.
The quick-change system for up to 90% faster, fully automatic component change for your robot.
The unique patented polygonal clamping technology - from micro to finest processing, up to heavy-duty and volume machining.
The centric-clamping devices. 100% encapsulated. 100% sealed.
The new universal routers from SCHUNK consistently set new benchmarks in precision, speed, and process reliability.

SCHUNK update

The latest information from SCHUNK. A short and compact summary.

TIIA Taipei Int'l Industrial Automation Exhibition

01.08 - 04.08.2018
Taipei, 95
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NEPCON South China 2018

28.08 - 30.08.2018
Shenzhen, 17 Read more


28.08 - 30.08.2018
Bern, 93
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10.09 - 15.09.2018
Chicago, IL, 105
Location: W-432010 Read more

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Department: Technical
Location: Lauffen / Hausen
Country: Germany
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