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Discover what it means to work for a family-owned company and global competence leader in clamping technology and gripping systems. Find out how a pioneering spirit and absolute perfection go hand in hand with social responsibility at SCHUNK. Find out more about the SCHUNK spirit where initiative and team spirit are of equal importance. In short - get to know us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Whether you are still in school or a student looking for somewhere to start your career or an executive looking for advancement, we have opportunities for you. Alongside 3,500 friendly, approachable colleagues, you can look forward to excellent prospects for your future development with us in both the technical and commercial fields.

Pupils and students

If you want to play in the top league globally you need first class youth development. That is why training at SCHUNK is so highly valued. Young talent who do not just want to "do a job" but really want to achieve something with their work will find many ways to start a career with us. Regardless of whether you are inspired by technology or you see your future more in the commercial sector - not only is there lots to do at SCHUNK but also a great deal to learn, for example by starting one of our exciting apprenticeships and dual student opportunities. Beside the specialist training, we are also interested in your personal development which is why working in other countries and social internships are integral parts of our training courses.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating

The best way to find out whether starting a career with SCHUNK is the right thing for you is to work for SCHUNK. That is why we host students and show them the many opportunities available in everyday working life - from school or initial internships, holiday work or student jobs at the plant to practical semesters or completing your degree or masters dissertation. The best thing is to find out from our apprentices and students about all the things you can do at SCHUNK. Either here or on Facebook!


Have you successfully finished your degree, training or advanced training, and want to start an exciting career but you have never heard of SCHUNK before? That's a shame. We would have enjoyed meeting you whilst you were studying for your degree or advanced training in the form of an internship, a student job or helping you to write your degree or masters dissertation. Of course, we are still delighted that you have finally found us. Highly qualified colleagues are always welcome at SCHUNK, particularly if they are interested in technology and ready to achieve something, learn and take on responsibility.

At the heart of things - from the start

On the job you will learn alongside experienced colleagues about everything you need to do. From the very start you will take on your own work and as you gain experience you will take on more and more responsibility. And it doesn't matter if you come to us as part of your training or studies, as a trainee or as a specialist. Obviously we will help your development by providing you with internal and possibly also external training courses. The most important thing is always your commitment. Are you ready? Then you will find your position at SCHUNK in our jobs portal - if not today, then perhaps next week. We look forward to receiving your application.

Experienced professionals

You already have several years of professional experience. You have learned a lot, gained experience and have already achieved a lot. Do you want more? Do you want to learn more, accept more responsibility and enjoy your work more? Do you want to be more than a part of something, and actually achieve something as an active member of a team - and receive the appropriate acknowledgment for it? Then SCHUNK is the perfect place for you. You can find your position at SCHUNK in our jobs portal. If you do not find the position right away, don't give up. Take another look later and you will surely find what you want shortly.

Short paths

At SCHUNK you will find an appreciative, friendly working environment. Our doors are open, our communication is good and if you have a good idea that might not take us forward right away but possibly in the future, we will provide you with the support you need to make more of it. For all that we use highly professional processes and systems - after all we demand the very highest quality and precision.

Professional systems

Even during your training we leave nothing to chance. Instead we create a detailed training plan together. Familiarizing yourself with your colleagues and knowing the people to contact and our products and processes will enable you to "get going" as quickly as possible. Even if you are already familiar with lean, continuous improvement, TOYOTA, etc. we use a system of our own which we continue to develop with an internationally renowned expert. With great success. Everything at SCHUNK is sensitive to continuous improvement topics and all the ideas and suggestions from our different departments have enabled us to improve process coordination, reduce waste, minimize complaints and, a source of particular pride to us all, improve safety to such an extent that we are one of the few companies in our industry to be well on the way to "zero accidents".

Continual improvement – very personal and individual

Regardless of whether you simply want to do a good job as an expert in your field or you are constantly looking for new challenges, whether you are drawn out into the wide world for international projects or you feel better in a single place - you have every opportunity of fulfilling your vision with us. What counts for us is that you are in a position that makes you feel good and enables you to do something you enjoy. We also know that life plans and situations can also change very suddenly over the years. That is why your duties and career path with us are not set in stone but can be adjusted to suit your individual needs and wishes. There is only one thing we do not allow - and that is standing still. That is why a willingness to undertake continuous training and development is expected. Do you agree? If so, you will find excellent conditions for your future professional and personal development with us.

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