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Discover what it means to work for a family-owned company and global competence leader in clamping technology and gripping systems. Find out how a pioneering spirit and absolute perfection go hand in hand with social responsibility at SCHUNK. Find out more about the SCHUNK spirit where initiative and team spirit are of equal importance. In short - get to know us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Whether you are still in school or a student looking for somewhere to start your career or an executive looking for advancement, we have opportunities for you. Alongside more than 3,500 friendly, approachable colleagues, you can look forward to excellent prospects for your future development with us in both the technical and commercial fields.

One team - one family

SCHUNK is a global player and family-owned company in one. But for us it is not just the management team which bears the SCHUNK name that is part of the family, but every single one of our 3,500 employees. This is because every single one of us uses their individual talents and skills to contribute to making SCHUNK what we are and what we want to be - the global number 1 in clamping technology and gripping systems.

Together we make a difference

We are proud of our products - to some extent they are also "our babies." We all feel responsible for the products persuading the market due to their consistent quality, maximum precision, strength, durability and reliable service. That is what we believe in. Titles and separated departments are not really our thing. What really counts for us is the result and the people working to achieve it. We are delighted when our colleagues are successful. If something doesn't go particularly well, we stick together and find solutions, making everybody a winner. Over the last few years that has not only meant that we have successfully faced the occasional crisis, but in some cases we achieved even more than we planned for.

If you are ready to take on challenges and implement ideas, we look forward to getting to know you - both as a competent colleague and as a person.

Human - colleague!

Gripping systems and robotics are our business. But we do not want machines as colleagues; instead we want "real people" who shape our company with their competence and commitment just as much as with their personalities.
Friends and colleagues, at SCHUNK they are often the same thing. After all, we do not only design the best grippers and clamping systems, we also celebrate together in a relaxed atmosphere, practice all kinds of sport, and create things together.

We are there for each other. This is true for work, but also if you are doing something big in your private life. Whether you are getting married, expecting a child, building a house, playing your first gig with your band ... we are excited too and are happy to support you!


Visionary but with its feet on the ground, technological leader, pioneer and family-owned company ... SCHUNK is many things but there is one thing it is not: boring. Naturally that also applies to your work and development with us.

Across technologies and industries

Gripping systems, clamping technology, and robotics for mechanical and plant engineering and for the food and medical industries, for aerospace and for jewelry and clock-making - the sheer range of our technologies, products and customers guarantee that you will be faced with new questions and topics day after day when you work for us.

Beyond the department and national borders

Regardless of where you start at SCHUNK - your duties will continuously develop together with you and the company. You are an expert in your field but that does not mean that you only work in some aspects of that field. Everybody who works for us always has their eye on the whole picture, there are no hidden "claims" but targets that everybody strives to meet regardless of field, department and national border. If you have a good idea or would like to try something new, we will give you an opportunity to do so. After all it is those that think ahead and have the courage to try something new that propel us forward. We know that not every idea is an immediate commercial success, and that sometimes one must take a diversion to reach one's goal - this is why time and resources for our project teams are not always restricted in advance.


Success is achieved through a team, but every individual plays a role. We rely on employees who want to take responsibility for their work and cannot wait to face new challenges. The result is what counts. And because you yourself know best how you can achieve your goals, we will also give you the necessary freedom.

Taking on challenges with confidence, trying things out, but also recognizing limits and calling on support from colleagues if goals are in danger of not being met - this is what we understand personal responsibility to be at SCHUNK. Because we trust in the abilities and responsibility of our colleagues we do not just assign things to the "professionals", we also give our trainees demanding duties from the very beginning. Instead of going through "official channels", with us you will find somebody willing to listen to ideas and open doors for advice and genuine support.


Working at SCHUNK is international in many ways. For one, we make more than 50% of our sales outside Germany - and this number is growing. Therefore exchanges with customers and colleagues all over the world are part of everyday life in almost every department. And secondly, people from very different countries and cultures have always worked together at SCHUNK and made crucial contributions to our success. The variety of different perspectives in our company lets us keep breaking new ground - in every respect. Regardless of which country you come from - when you come to us you are sure to find a colleague who can welcome you in your own language.

At home around the world

With currently 34 subsidiaries, we provide customers in Europe, the main Asian markets and in North and Central America comprehensive technical advice and support. In the future we plan to open additional two to three offices every year to enable us to provide better service, particularly in the non-European markets. We are seeing increasing demand around the world for high quality, precision and innovative solutions to technologically demanding questions in production - the perfect reason for our international growth as a premium partner to industry. If you would like to help us grow and spend some time living and working in another country, we would be delighted to provide you that opportunity.

... based in Lauffen

The vast majority of our manufacturing is done in Germany. However, global contacts will play an ever increasing role in our everyday work. What we need to do is to understand the various needs of our global customers - and not just the language. Intercultural competence is developing into an ever more important factor for the success of a company. That is why working for several weeks in one our foreign subsidiaries has become an integral part of training for many of our apprentices. Our students also spend up to three months during their practical semester in one of our global subsidiary. Of course we will also prepare you for working in an international environment by providing language courses and intercultural training and that is (almost) universal at SCHUNK even if business trips or lengthy stays in other countries are not something you will take part in.

Working and living

Customers all over the world are delighted by our products, our services and our innovative technologies. That is due to roughly über 3.500 committed employees who not only do a good job for us but are also always prepared to go the extra mile. We know that it is not possible to reward this adequately with monetary compensation alone. This is why performance-oriented remuneration with generous bonus payments that are connected to the success of the company is not the only thing you can expect from us.

You can also rely on our individual support in a variety of situations. We also give options to spend the first part of your stay at a new SCHUNK facility in one of our modern residential facilities until you can find your perfect home or ... - let's talk about what you have in mind!

SCHUNK active (health, fitness, and much more)

You give a lot to your job. This is why your health and motivation are especially important to us. This is why we came up with SCHUNK aktiv. From workout, driver training and stop smoking seminars to after-work cuisine and yoga relaxation seminars - in conjunction with external trainers and experts we provide a wide range of sports and health classes every year which are designed to help you approach your everyday working life in a healthy, relaxed and happy state.

All this is just a small selection of the wide range of things we deliver you. In summary you can be sure that starting work at SCHUNK is very much worth your while in more than one way.

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