Social Responsibility and Sustainability

As a family-owned company it is natural for us to play an active role in our society and manage our resources responsibly. We feel responsible for the social, economic, and ecological needs around our locations. We support schools, clubs, and a wide range of initiatives not only financially but also with our technology, our commitment, and our pioneering spirit.

Under the motto "Give life a future", SCHUNK this year supports the valuable work of the aftercare clinic Tannheim for families of children, teenagers, and young adults with cancer, heart disease, and cystic fibrosis.
We are dedicated to managing resources responsibly in our building technology as well as in the design and production of our products and solutions.

SCHUNK moves

We, at SCHUNK, have more in common than just our employer. We have the SCHUNK Speedys, our ambitious team of runners, we have mountain bike, racing bike and city bike groups, over 250 skillful soccer players who compete for the SCHUNK Cup at our summer fair, colleagues who organize cycle tours lasting several days with customers and international colleagues and so much more.

Our sports and team spirit do not just unite our active colleagues, but also all those who turn out to watch and cheer, help with the organization by grilling bratwurst, serving drinks, ironing soccer kits, providing comfort and first aid as well as those who simply come to celebrate with their colleagues.

SCHUNK thinks in advance – pioneering spirit for an autonomous life

We are technology leaders because we think in terms of solutions rather than problems. Solutions that offer genuine added value. An added value that can be expressed in quality of life, and not just in numbers.

Such as in the case of our assistant robot, FRIEND, which we have developed together with IAT Bremen. This made it possible for a librarian with multiple disabilities to continue to practice her profession independently.

SCHUNK connects – social internship as an integral training component

Finding out about how others live, joining societies and taking on social responsibility – at SCHUNK this is all an integral part of training. In the second year of training all our apprentices spend two weeks working in a social or support facility. Working with seniors or people with physical or mental disabilities can be a challenge at first for most people.

However, once initial inhibitions have been overcome by both sides, the way is clear for common experiences that often stay with our apprentices and their protégés as positive memories for a long time afterwards. There is nothing like the experience of treating other people with friendship and care.

SCHUNK integrates – external classes for Kaywald School

Everybody has skills and can do things they never dreamed of when backed by a strong team. We are convinced of this at SCHUNK. And we experience it again and again. This is particularly the case in our relationship with students from the Kaywald School, a school for physically and mentally disabled people, which we have had the honor of supporting since 2011 in the form of special SCHUNK external classes.

Kaywald pupils complete internships with us, take responsibility for the recycling service and are included in our everyday operations with their involvement in various projects. A real enrichment! We are delighted that we are regularly able to welcome Kaywald school graduates who join our team and make a valuable contribution to our company's success.

SCHUNK demonstrates entrepreneurial heart

Creativity, assertiveness, willingness to take risks, and social responsibility: For his exemplary entrepreneurial commitment, Henrik A. Schunk, Chief Executive Officer of the SCHUNK GmbH & Co. KG from Lauffen am Neckar, was honored with the "Entrepreneurial Heart" award at the 2016 summit of the global market leaders in Schwäbisch Hall. The awards are an initiative of WirtschaftsWoche magazine and the company Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG. They focus on entrepreneurs who made courageous decisions that serve as examples to others. The prize was awarded for the first time this year.

With the Kaywald school cooperation project, a school for children and young people with physical and mental disabilities in Lauffen Germany, SCHUNK - a global market leader for clamping technology and gripping systems - showed that social commitment and entrepreneurial thinking can go hand in hand. SCHUNK has cooperated with the school for over ten years now. The starting point was an initiative for social competence, which Henrik A. Schunk came up with together with his father, Heinz-Dieter Schunk and the SCHUNK Human Resources Department. Since then, SCHUNK apprentices have taken on a two-week long social internship at the Kaywald school in Lauffen, among other places. Each year, more projects were added to the initiative. Today, the students at Kaywald school are a key part of the daily routine at SCHUNK.

We are partners in the Blue Competence Sustainability Initiative

Blue Competence is an initiative of the VDMA, with the goal of promoting sustainability in the field of mechanical and plant engineering, as well as raising awareness of sustainable solutions in the industry. Our membership commits us to compliance with the 12 sustainability clauses for mechanical and plant engineering.

Our understanding of future sustainability is based on the principles of economic success, fairness, respect & responsibility, and covers the areas of society, environment and economy. We comprehend sustainable action in terms of the definition of the Brundtland Report¹ and the definitions of the German Council for Sustainable Development².


  • Sustainability is a crucial part of our corporate strategy.
  • We create solid business schemes with sustainable values and secure entrepreneurial success.
  • Our technologies and solutions promote worldwide sustainable developments.


  • Sustainable thinking and action are represented in our processes and products.
  • We act with consideration of resources and stand up for climate protection.
  • Our staff is our most valuable asset. We promote engagement and participation.
  • We stand up for keeping the human rights.


  • Our company is a habitat.
  • We take responsibility in our region.
  • We do, what we promise!


  • We actively cultivate the network with all participants.
  • We transparently communicate our sustainable action.
¹ "Sustainable development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."
(Brundtland Report, 1987)
² "Sustainable development means to consider ecological aspects equal to social and economic aspects. Therefore sustainable economy means: For our children and grandchildren, we must leave behind us a sound ecological and economic structure."
(German Council for Sustainable Development, 2001)