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TENDO E compact

TENDO E compact

Hydraulic expansion toolholder
The TENDO E compact hydraulic expansion toolholder convinces when milling, drilling, reaming, thread machining and in HPC applications And all that with an up to 300% longer tool service life.
The Dual Contact variant with simultaneous taper and flat work surface closes the interface-related gap between tool flange and the front of the machine spindle with the interface of the flat work surface.

Advantages – Your benefits

  • High torque for maximum volume machining
    Its compact design ensures high holding forces and thus a high torque transmission
  • High radial rigidity
    No lateral deflection during the metal cutting process and high shape accuracy of the workpiece combined with optimal removal rates
  • High level of flexibility
    Clamping of different diameters due to the use of slotted or coolant-proof intermediate sleeves
  • Fine-balanced by default
    Suitable for high speeds and HPC/HSC machining centers with a balancing grade of G2.5 at 25,000 RPM
  • Excellent vibration damping
    Micro-blowouts are prevented, optimal workpiece surfaces, machine spindle protection, increased tool service life resulting in a reduction of costs
  • Permanent run-out and repeat accuracy ≤0.003 mm
    Even cutting action, increased tool service life, and reduced costs for regrinding or buying new tools
  • Micron-precise tool change within seconds without peripheral equipment
    Time saving through reduction of set-up time and no investment and energy costs due to additional clamping devices
  • Dirt grooves for reliable torque transmission
    Dry clamping surfaces, by displacement of oil, grease or lubricant residues into the dirt groove
  • Comprehensive compatibility
    Can be ideally combined with TENDO SVL and TRIBOS SVL extensions
  • All commercially available tool shank types can be clamped
    Form A: with smooth cylindrical shank, shank form A in accordance with DIN 1835 and DIN 6535 HA Form AB: with flat face and cylindrical shank with pulling face, shank form B in accordance with DIN 1835 and DIN 6535 HB Form B: with lateral pulling faces, shank form B in accordance with DIN 1835 Form E: with inclined clamping face, shank form E in accordance with DIN 1835 and DIN 6535 HE

Options and special information

  • Flexible clamping areas due to the use of intermediate sleeves
    Intermediate sleeves allow clamping of various shank diameters from 3 - 32 mm with just one toolholder. Your advantage: Reduction of the acquisition costs, higher clamping force at the given shank diameter.