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Discover what it means to work for a family-owned company and global competence leader in clamping technology and gripping systems. Find out how a pioneering spirit and absolute perfection go hand in hand with social responsibility at SCHUNK. Find out more about the SCHUNK spirit where initiative and team spirit are of equal importance. In short - get to know us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Whether you are still in school or a student looking for somewhere to start your career or an executive looking for advancement, we have opportunities for you. Alongside more than 3,500 friendly, approachable colleagues, you can look forward to excellent prospects for your future development with us in both the technical and commercial fields.

Facts and philosophy

The performance of every single individual counts - but we can only win by being part of a team. We are completely convinced by this and that's how we organize things at SCHUNK. We never demand that anybody does more than they are able, but they are not expected to do any less either. Because our goal is to deliver top performances. And we can only do that if different talents and individual gifts are optimally combined. We are there for each other and treat each other with respect and appreciation. That is what makes us successful. Over the last 25 years we have grown by 12% per year on average despite all the crises.

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Pioneering spirit and a sense of family

We set global standards with our pioneering spirit and perfection. What Friedrich Schunk started almost 70 years ago in a mechanical workshop in Lauffen is now being continued by his son and grandchildren with the same sense of responsibility and vision. SCHUNK is a family-owned company which currently employs more than [[mitarbeiteranzahlEN] people. With 30 subsidiaries and over 250 sales representatives, we are at home all over the world. At the same time, we are locally connected and almost all of our production is done in Germany. You can be sure of that.

Company philosophy

Achieve more together

It is not machinery and materials which decide our success but people whose ideas and commitment ensure that we always stay one step ahead of our competitors - in terms of both quality and precision and innovation and customer care in our family-owned company. That is why our focus is always on people. We are always open to new ideas and we appreciate those who take initiative. In short, we trust the skills of the people who want to further develop themselves. Are you one of them? Then let's do it together!

Our business units

How can fish fingers, mini salamis or crumbly biscuits be moved from a conveyor belt into packaging without damaging them? How can workpieces for wind turbines weighing over 700 kilograms be clamped so that they can be machined efficiently from all sides? How can micro-optical components for photonics be machined and positioned with total precision? At SCHUNK we love questions like these. And we do not stop until we have found the perfect solution.
People who know "their" machines and technologies by heart, and love working on the details are just as important as people who like to always discover new "topics". What are your strengths?

A range of tasks - room for talent

There is a lot to be done to achieve a global market success from a good idea made in Baden Wuerttemberg. The most important thing is for the team to work hand in hand, concentrating each individual talent and commitment on what really counts - the result. For you this means a thousand and one opportunities to join us and become part of the SCHUNK family.

Do you know exactly where you want to go? Then we look forward to receiving your application! Do you really want to be part of the team but you're not yet sure where? Then we will help you find exactly the right place for yourself at SCHUNK where you can use your talents and develop your skills - both professionally and personally.

Our successful team includes the following:

  • Researchers and developers, who think a step ahead in both technical and commercial terms.
  • The construction of a prototype and a test, to give product ideas a form and monitor development processes from the start.
  • Designers, who produce customized solutions efficiently and production-ready.
  • Sales colleagues, who maintain good relationships with our international customers and always manage to exceed their service and consulting expectations by at least a little.
  • Production, in which good collaboration and mutual appreciation are just as important as quality and meeting deadlines.
  • Work preparation and maintenance, departments that use their attention to detail to ensure that everything runs smoothly in our production department.
  • A committed team in warehousing and shipping, that remains calm even when things become hectic to ensure that SCHUNK products arrive safely and on time at our customers all over the world and that bottlenecks do not occur in the assembly process.

Social responsibility and sustainability

As a family-owned company it is natural for us to play an active role in our society and manage our resources responsibly. We feel responsible for the social, economic, and ecological needs around our locations. We support schools, clubs, and a wide range of initiatives not only financially but also with our technology, our commitment and our pioneering spirit. We would be delighted if you took up commitments in addition to your work.
We would be delighted if you took up commitments in addition to your work. Whether it's sports, art, and culture, the environment or in social life. And we are happy to support you, for example with time, ideas or energy.
We are dedicated to managing resources responsibly in our building techology as well as in the design and production of our products and solutions.

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