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With our individually configurable standard products, we reduce complexity in system planning and offer individual adaptation options for a wide range of applications. Grippers, gripper fingers and chuck jaws can be adapted in less than 10 minutes.

Why configuration?

  • High transparency: With the information on price and current delivery time
  • Risk reduction: Through SCHUNK expertise and exclusion of faulty designs
  • Resource-saving: No development knowledge required

  • Easy access: Via web-based, license-free online tool
  • Possibility to download CAD data: After completing the configuration

Our configurable product ranges

The ELG configurable mechatronic llong-stroke gripper

With a gripping force of up to 12,000 N

The SCHUNK ELG is the latest highlight among the configurable grippers. It is used for handling large, heavy parts in the packaging, automotive, white goods and logistics industries, among others, and is actuated by an electric drive with a freely adaptable servomotor. The gripper can be finely adjusted and continuously positioned over the entire stroke from 100 to 400 mm. It has a unique force-stroke ratio and offers an instantly available and controllable gripping force of up to 3,000 N in size 30 to 12,000 N in size 120.


  • High degree of flexibility due to the large jaw stroke and high gripping force
  • Adaptable drive motor for flexible actuation and easy integration into existing control concepts
  • Position- and torque-controlled movement of the gripper for the highly flexible gripping of a wide range of geometries and types of parts

The pneumatic long-stroke gripper PLG

With a stroke per jaw from 100 mm to 400 mm

Due to its profiled rail guide, the pneumatic 2-finger parallel gripper PLG enables the use of long gripper fingers, so it can effortlessly handle even voluminous workpieces from hard-to-reach transport containers. In addition, it offers increased safety through optional integrated process monitoring. Due to an optional pre-mounted pressure maintenance valve, it reliably maintains the gripping position and force even in the event of a pressure failure. With gripping forces of 1,650 N to 12,000 N, the PLG is available in five sizes and offers a variety of possible fields of application owing to the numerous configurable extra features.


  • High degree of flexibility due to the large jaw stroke and high gripping force
  • Long gripper fingers can be used due to the large maximum moments of the profiled rail guide
  • Diverse variants and options with individual configuration for the application-specific standard gripper

Chuck jaw configurator easyJAW

Chuck jaw configurator easyJAW

New easyJAW jaw configurators consist of more than 500 different standard top jaw­variants. The geometry, material, weight, interface and many other chuck jaw options can be individually adjusted in the online tool.

Configurable gripper fingers FGR

Gripper finger configurator FGR

Gripper fingers are individually adapted to the workpiece to be gripped and, in combination with a gripper, enable the automated handling of parts. Six different geometry ­ models offer numerous customization options according to customer requirements. The gripper fingers are available in aluminum, polished steel, hardened steel as well as corrosion protected version.

Toolholder configurator easyToolholder

SCHUNK key visual – easyToolholder

With the toolholder configurator easyToolholder, standard toolholders can now also be optimally adapted online to their respective machining task. The customized inquiry and ordering process takes place 24/7 in real time with full transparency.