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Linear table Alpha, Size: 35, electrical, Spindle drive, Rail guide

  • Max. stroke: 2420 mm
  • Max. driving force: 18000 N

Technical data A 35-B-445

Max. stroke H [mm] 2420
Max. driving force [N] 18000
Repeat accuracy [mm] ± 0.03
Max. total length [mm] 3000
Max. speed [m/s] 2
Max. acceleration [m/s²] 20
Min. ambient temperature [°C] 0
Max. ambient temperature [°C] 80
Dead weight of base including slide [kg] 65.2
Additional mass per 100 mm stroke [kg] 5.2
Weight of slide [kg] 26.2
Dead weight of slide, long [kg] 33.8
Guidance system Rail guide
Number of rails 2
Size of rails 35L
Drive concept Spindle drive
Idle torque [Nm] 2.5
Moment of inertia [kgm²] 0.00165
Spindle diameter [mm] 40
Spindle pitch [mm] 5 / 10 / 20 / 40
Max. spindle speed [1/min] 3000
Length X [mm] 582
Width Y [mm] 455
Height Z [mm] 120
Moment Mx max. [Nm] 12000
Moment My max. [Nm] 10000
Moment Mz max. [Nm] 5000
Force Fx max. [N] 18000
Force Fy max. [N] 14000
Force Fz max. [N] 120000
Force -Fz max. [N] 80000
Please note that the long slide plates reduce the maximum stroke H.

General notes about the series

Ambient conditions
The modules are mainly designed for the use in clean ambient conditions. Please note that the life time of the modules can shorten if they are used in harsh ambient conditions, and that SCHUNK cannot assume liability in such cases. Please contact us for assistance.

Max. stroke
is the maximum permissible stroke. Acceleration and braking distances or possible overrun must be taken into consideration.

Repeat accuracy
defined as the spread of the target position after 100 consecutive positioning cycles under constant conditions.

Acceleration and speed
The values specified are the maximum values of the units without loading. The actual accelerations and speeds for your application must be designed separately and can deviate from the maximum values.

Layout or control calculation
Verifying the sizing of the selected unit is necessary, since otherwise overloading can result. Please contact us for assistance.

Profiled rail guide

servomotors of different providers can be trouble-free adapted

Extruded aluminum profile

Aluminum slide with bellows

Scope of delivery
Assembly and operating manual with declaration of incorporation

24 months

Product reviews A 35-B-445

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