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EGA-W 40-075-P-N-B Illustration similar

EGA-W 40-075-P-N-B

Long-stroke gripper

ID 332050

Long-stroke gripper EGA, Size: 40, electrical

  • Stroke per jaw: 75 mm
  • Min. gripping force: 200 N
  • Max. gripping force: 1300 N
  • Max. ambient temperature: 55 °C
Stroke per jaw [mm] 75
Min. gripping force [N] 200
Max. gripping force [N] 1300
Closing time [s] 0.96
Opening time [s] 0.96
Max. permissible speed positioning operation [mm/s] 80
Max. permissible speed power operation [mm/s] 30
Recommended workpiece weight [kg] 6.5
Repeat accuracy [mm] 0.05
Max. permissible finger length [mm] 500
Max. permissible weight per finger [kg] 5
Motor moment required [Nm] 0.8
Motor speed required [1/min] 1970
Weight [kg] 8.29
Min. ambient temperature [°C] 5
Max. ambient temperature [°C] 55
IP protection class 40
Length X [mm] 379.5
Width Y [mm] 179
Height Z [mm] 90.2
Moment Mx max. [Nm] 117
Moment My max. [Nm] 350
Moment Mz max. [Nm] 121
Max. axial force Fz max. [N] 3000
Motors are not included in the purchase price in the base variant. Please ask us for details about the integration of your motor type.

General notes about the series

Gripping force
is the arithmetic sum of the individual force applied to each jaw at distance P (see illustration).

Finger length
measured from the screw surface of the base jaw in the direction of the main axis. Failure to comply with the max. permissible finger length will result in increased wear.

Repeat accuracy
is defined as a distribution of the end Position for 100 consecutive strokes.

Workpiece weight
is calculated for force-fit gripping with a coefficient of static friction of 0.1 and a safety factor of 2 against workpiece slippage at acceleration due to gravity g. For form-fit or capture gripping, there are significantly higher permissible workpiece weights.

Closing and opening times
When gripping, the speed must be adapted as described in the operating manual so that the closing and opening times can increase. The times specified are only the movement times of the base jaws at max. speed, max. acceleration without electrical restrictions, and observance of the maximum permissible masses per finger.

Motor torque
Required motor torque may be permanently applied to achieve the maximum gripping force.

Operating principle
Spindle drive, synchronized by rack and pinion principle

electrically via an adaptable servo drive

24 months

Scope of delivery
Enclosed accessory pack with centering sleeve, assembly and operating manual with declaration of incorporation.
Depending on the variant, operation of the gripper requires a motor add-on kit, a servomotor, and a suitable controller. They are not included in the scope of delivery and must be ordered separately.