Co-act JL1 Gripper

Safe, collaborative gripping has a name now.

With the new SCHUNK cutting edge technology carrier, the Co-act JL1 gripper, SCHUNK is setting the course for the first intelligent gripper for collaborative operations that interacts directly with humans. Adjustments to the gripping processes can be made in real time by using diverse sensor systems.

Various "senses" are used to record, evaluate, and communicate situational, ambient and operational conditions.

In the future, SCHUNK Co-act grippers will be able to transmit all relevant data about processes and surroundings to the control and production systems. The focus will be on the intelligent flow of materials, process optimization and continuous documentation. The intuitive interaction between gripper and operator ideally complements the system.

The technical highlights at a glance

  • Capacitive sensor system
    To prevent collision situations
    by recognizing them early

  • Touchscreen
    Enables communication with the gripper
    as well as teaching or switching to various operating modes

  • Camera
    Mounted between the fingers, for detecting the surroundings, differentiating and searching for objects

  • Parallel and angular grips
    Two types of grips for gripping any geometry
  • Safe force limitation
    The right gripping force
    for every kind of handling, even for high workpiece weights

  • Tactile sensor system
    For in time detection and differentiation
    between workpieces and humans

  • Optical feedback
    By using LED lights, the Co-act JL1 gripper informs the operator on the current gripper status and the identification of the workpiece.

How to find the optimum gripper for your application

Step 1

Task description and feasibility check

  • Are the task and workpiece suitable for human-robot collaboration?

Step 2

Selection of the robot or cobot

  • Definition of the basic system with mechanical and electrical connection of the peripheral devices
  • Ensuring a defined control

Step 3

Selecting the gripper in collaboration with the SCHUNK Co-act team considering the following points:

  • Workpiece with regard to gripping position, required gripping force, and necessary stroke
  • Pick and place position and in turn analysis of the interfering contour
  • Connection to the superordinate mechanical and electric periphery
  • Clamping and shear points on the gripper or the attachment fingers

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