Inline depaneling machine for flexible fully automatic depaneling with optional palletizing

150% faster loading times

For medium to large batch sizes and low to medium product variance: The SCHUNK inline depaneling machine of the ILR series in combination with a gripper change system ensures maximum flexibility and minimum set-up times. With the specially developed high-speed panel feed and the use of highly dynamic drives with path control for separation and printed circuit board handling, maximum throughput is achieved. The simple and weight-optimized design of the multi panel gripper significantly reduces the tool costs.

Your added value

  • Linear motor based fast-acting panel feeder for minimum loading times at the panel infeed
  • Shortest depaneling times due to a highly dynamic linear motor milling gantry with special milling brush hold-down
  • Short handling times for detached components achieved by linear motor based handling system with continuous path control
  • Maximum flexibility and minimal set-up times due to simple and automatically exchangeable multi panel grippers
  • Optional extension by an integrated palletizing system
  • Ergonomic design and modern look
  • The modular design allows the automated system to "grow" along with future customer requirements

SCHUNK Linear Module

The most competent process support from experienced depaneling technology specialists

The project managers at SCHUNK are specialists in the depaneling process, enabling them to ensure our machines are optimally integrated into customer processes. Individually customer-defined processes can be easily and efficiently integrated into the cells. With reliability, reliable on-time deliveries for all project phases, and transparent communication our team creates the basis for a trustworthy collabroation.

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Pallet handling

The linear motor pallet handling detects the pallet status by means of light barrier control, ensuring smooth operation even with different pallet variants.

Inline depaneling machines can be equipped with a palletizing system PAL-1400 on request. The cut-out assembly groups can then be directly placed in trays with dimensions up to 600 x 400 mm for further processing. Trays can be fed using carriages or belts. A wide variety of pallet variants can be safely processed using optional pallet coding.

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New: Inline depaneling machine ILR-2200

Gripper finger changing station

The automatic exchange of gripper fingers allows fast and simple product change without the need for additional costly grippers. Up to 24 gripper fingers can be inserted in the storage rack. Therefore 276 finger combinations are available. The machine is permanently equipped with all products.

Depaneling machines are based on a modular principle

Highest flexibility

Light grippers for printed circuit board handling allow short cycle times and maximum flexibility.

SCHUNK Grippers

100% in-process control

During the visual inspection, the printed circuit board is examined for deviations from the layout. The contours on the surface of the printed circuit board are compared to the CAD data or the tolerance windows provided for even the smallest deviations.