Electrical gripper for small components EGP

The electric small components gripper with the most compact performance in assembly automation

The electric SCHUNK 2-finger parallel gripper EGP makes changing from pneumatic to mechatronic gripping modules without loss of gripping power into child's play. The EGP can easily be integrated via digital inputs I/O into the higher level control unit with 24 V power supply.

Intelligent grippers, perfect in the system

  • 24 V power supply and control via digital I/O with just one cable connection.
  • Adjustment is as easy as with pneumatic components.
  • Virtually no wearing parts and the easy integration into existing electrical systems.
  • Speed version for the highest level of performance.
  • 4 sizes cover a large range of gripper parts.
  • Fully compatible in the 24 V mechatronic modular system.

More details

Considered technology for efficient processes

The EGP scores over comparable grippers for small components with integrated electronics due to:

180% improved gripping force-mass ratio and high speed.

Gripping force adjustable in four stages for handling of sensitive components.

Powerful junction roller guide like the pneumatic miniature parallel gripper MGP-plus, for a high level of efficiency.

100% compatibility with all SCHUNK components from the mechatronic modular system.

Pioneering sensor options for safe processes.

Process reliability, no vibrations, and therefore risk factors for the service life.

Child's play!
The gripping force adjustment

The gripping force of the EGP can be individually adjusted to sensitive workpieces in four stages. Depending on the requirement, it is adjustable to 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of the maximum gripping force of 140 N. Your advantage: flexible gripping force adjustment in the handling process.

Fits everywhere!
Highest assembly flexibility

Diverse mounting options ensure quick, easy gripper mounting and changes. The gripper can be easily positioned using the centering sleeves and can be screwed through and fixed either laterally or at the bottom. For multi fastening at the bottom side, an optional adapter plate is available which enables the assembly of several grippers side by side.

For every case of application!
The sensor system

Inductive proximity switch IN. For querying the end positions with either axial or lateral cable outlet. With 30 cm cable and cable connector.

Positioning sensor!
Flexible FPS system

The FPS sensor system determines the position of the gripper jaws. Then it digitally shows, in which of the five freely teachable ranges the jaw is currently positioned. Moreover, the jaw position can be evaluated from the software "FPS controller".

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