Linear module ELP

No other electric linear module on the market is as easy to adjust

Revolutionary benefits at a glance

  • Auto-learn function for automatic speed adjustment.
  • Commissioning in only two steps

    • Mechanical end position adjustment
    • Fine adjustment of the speed

  • 24 V power supply and control via digital I/O.
  • Virtually maintenance- and wear-free, as there are no shock absorbers or seals.
  • 3 sizes with graded stroke variants - the right solution for every application.
  • Simple combination with the SCHUNK gripper EGP and the rotary gripping unit EGS due to perfectly adjusted mechanical connections and electric control concept.

More details

Technologically the new benchmark

  • Revolutionary auto-lean function. The speed automatically adjusts itself.
  • Intelligent, as the drive automatically regulates the braking process.
  • Simple control via digital I/O.
  • Laterally attached rotary switches for easy adjustment of the extension and retraction speed.
  • Virtually maintenance-free, long-lasting, and robust, as no shock absorbers are integrated.
  • Decentralized, direct digital control or via fieldbus distributors.
  • Mechanical adjustment of the end positions with a screw.

Superior technology in detail

Extremely fast!
The end position adjustment

With the mechatronic SCHUNK linear module ELP, the end positions
can be easily, mechanically adjusted using an adjustment screw with an Allen key.

The speed adjustment

The extension and retraction speed of the SCHUNK ELP can be very easily regulated using two rotary switches.

One of a kind!
The auto-learn function

For changing workpiece weights, two to five strokes are sufficient for completing the automatic speed configuration. Productive work can be done from the very first cycle.

The maintenance costs

Because there are no shock absorbers in the SCHUNK ELP, maintenance costs are reduced to a minimum. Long downtimes and damage to the system due to defective shock absorbers are practically ruled out. The low-maintenance 24 V linear direct drive and the clearance-free pre-loaded junction roller guides ensure a long life and low operational costs.

Challenge and task

For crack detection of forged parts for motor components, 1.3 million parts must be moved quickly and vibration-free each day in order to prevent damage to the testing system. Furthermore, the cycle time is to be significantly shortened.

SCHUNK Solution

For handling of forged parts, the pneumatic axes were replaced by the linear direct-driven ELP modules. The results are significantly reduced vibrations, a minimized wear of the used components, and a shortened cycle time for the parts inspection process.

Customer benefits and benefit

The ELP combines highly dynamic movements with a smooth travel into the end position. This protects the axis and the surrounding components, for instance such as the camera system for identifying the forged parts.

Highly flexible and very precise!

For demanding handling and assembly automation

1-axis application in the area of handling and assembly

SCHUNK ELP in combination with the electronic gripper swivel unit EGS for dynamic assembly applications.

2-axis application in the field of handling and assembly

Complete Pick & Place unit from the mechatronic modular system. Consisting of two SCHUNK ELP linear modules in combination with the electric gripper for small components EGP.

1-axis application for component marking

SCHUNK ELP in combination with a stamp for dynamic marking of individual parts and modules in assembly automation.

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