Pneumatic Power

Variety of grippers made by SCHUNK

Pneumatic grippers from SCHUNK have stood for high quality and reliability for many years. The focus is always on your workpiece: from small to large, from round to square, for every batch size and every application environment.
And even for complex applications, our 'Pneumatic power' always has enough air – and staying power. Because our pneumatic grippers always deliver what they promise.

The pneumatic grippers from SCHUNK are divided into three categories

PREMIUM: our all-rounders leave nothing to be desired
ECONOMY: economic efficiency combined with SCHUNK quality
TEC: our process specialists master every challenge

The power of our pneumatic grippers

  • Proven
  • Long service life
  • Versatile
  • High-quality

The SCHUNK Premium segment

The perfect gripper for every application

In the Premium segment you will find 12 different grippers of the highest quality with a wide range of variants and options. We not only offer you robust grippers with the best values in the industry, but also more maintenance-free gripping cycles and maximum life spans. Our tip: Supplement your pneumatic grippers with our precision sensors to monitor different information or stroke positions.

The power of our Premium grippers

  • Best performance data
  • Maximum life span
  • Up to 36 month warranty
  • Wide range of variants and matching accessories

Our Premium grippers at a glance

Angular/radial gripper
PWG-plus, PRG

Parallel gripper:
MPG-plus, KGG
PGN-plus-P, PGL-plus-P

Centric gripper:

The newcomer among the premium grippers: PGL-plus-P

Those searching for a powerful yet versatile gripper will be well taken care of by the new PGL-plus-P. The pneumatic universal gripper offers a unique performance package of stroke, force and connectivity, making it perfectly suited for handling tasks where flexibility is required.


  • Certified, safe gripping force maintenance, GripGuard
  • Integrated sensor system
  • Large jaw stroke for flexible workpiece handling
  • Sealing according to IP 64 for use in dirty environments

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The SCHUNK Tech segment

The right specialist for every challenge

The more demanding your application, the more precise the performance of the pneumatic gripper must be to match the task at hand. With our Tech segment, you have a whole range of "specialists" at your disposal, such as grippers which have been specially developed for handling O-rings, gears or rims.

The power of our Tech grippers:

  • Process specialists
  • Maximum life span
  • Best performance data

Angular/radial gripper

Parallel gripper
DPG-plus, PGB

Centric gripper
DPZ-plus, PZB-plus, PZV, Gripper with shaft interface

The SCHUNK Economy segment

For efficient gripping

In our Economy segment, the focus is not only on performance, but also on economic efficiency: You get real SCHUNK quality under attractive conditions. Optimized for all standard applications in clean environments. The grippers focus on the essential characteristics, and thus ensure efficient use in operation.

The power of our Economy grippers:

  • Proven SCHUNK quality under attractive conditions
  • Focused performance
  • Maximum economic efficiency

Angular/radial gripper

Parallel gripper

Centric gripper