The new SCHUNK Gripper PGN-plus-E

The first electric gripper with multi-tooth guidance, digital control and 24 V drive

PGN-plus-E technology

The new SCHUNK PGN-plus-E gripper transfers the time-honored peak performance features of pneumatic gripper PGN-plus-P directly to the area of mechatronic handling. The first simple electric gripper with multi-tooth guidance, digital actuation, and 24 V drive makes the changeover from pneumatic to electric components particularly easy. Its digital actuation via binary signals simplifies commissioning, enabling rapid integration in existing systems.

The patented SCHUNK multi-tooth guidance. Proven technology Now even better!


The new SCHUNK PGN-plus-P and PGN-plus-E grippers are the result of more than 30 years of SCHUNK competence. They are based on an ingenious innovation strategy, which continuously expands proven basic components with highly up-to-date features. In 2000, SCHUNK acknowledged that the T-slot guidance that had been in use until then with force/ moment absorption needed to be improved. This was the moment SCHUNK multi-tooth guidance was born, which makes the SCHUNK PGN-plus-P universal gripper to the world's best gripper.

T-slot guidance.
Conventional technology.

The generated forces and torques must be shouldered by two guideways. In the process, considerable load peaks can arise, which can lead to premature wear and loss in precision.

= longer gripper fingers

= higher finger load




SCHUNK multi-tooth guidance. Patented technology.

The patented SCHUNK multi-tooth guidance redefines precision and durability in the SCHUNK PGN-plus universal gripper. Forces and torques are distributed to the guiding areas of several prism guides arranged in parallel. Therefore, the guides have a higher bearing capacity and ensure considerably better stability.

= up to 30% longer gripper fingers

= up to 100% higher finger load

New SCHUNK multi-tooth guidance.

We have improved tried and tested technology. With the now improved NEW mulit-tooth guidance for the SCHUNK grippers, the supporting dimension between the six load-bearing shoulders was considerably increased.

The result: Higher moments can be accommodated and longer fingers are used.

= up to 50% longer gripper fingers

= up to 120% higher finger load





New PGN-plus-E Technology in detail


Up to 50% longer gripper fingers - due to higher maximum moments.


The improved multi-tooth guidance enables the use of even longer gripper fingers for the same gripper size due to higher maximum moments, without overloading the guidance. The proven diagonal pull kinematics ensures greater surface area coverage.


Maximum life span due to lubrication pockets in the robust multi-tooth guidance


Permanent lubricant pockets ensure a continuous supply of grease.
At the same time, it ensures that an even lubricant film is created rapidly, even with short strokes.




Simple gripping force adjustment


The gripping force of the SCHUNK PGN-plus-E can be quickly adjusted, safely and manually
in four stages.


Maximum process safety.


The new multi-tooth guidance enables a greater diagonal pull surface, and therefore a lower
surface pressure, for process-reliable and low-wear transmission of power to the base jaw.


Integrated sensor system


The control and power electronics are already completely integrated so that no space is taken up in the control cabinet. The 24 V gripper is actuated via digital I/O inputs. M8 plug monitors up to 2 gripping positions.

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