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For simple automation with cobots, the electric SCHUNK EGH offers enormous advantages due to its large and variable stroke. Small to medium-sized workpieces in the areas of handling, assembly and electronics can be gripped flexibly. Commissioning and control of the gripper is very simple.

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Benefit from the unique SCHUNK EGH Starter Package!

As the competence leader for gripping systems and clamping technology, SCHUNK offers a unique starter package for the EGH. It comprises all the necessary components to mount the gripper onto a lightweight robot and put it into operation within 30 minutes.

Included in the scope of delivery:

  1. SCHUNK Gripper EGH
  2. Attachment finger rigid
  3. Attachment finger flexible
  4. Finger inserts
  5. USB stick with UR Cap plugin
  6. Tool
  7. Velcro tapes for attaching the cable to the robot
  8. Adapter plate for mounting the gripper to ISO interface
  9. IO-Link Master with connection cable

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Technical details

Total stroke
80 mm
Gripping force
100 N
0.95 kg
Workpiece weight in force-fit
0.5 kg
Workpiece weight in form-fit
up to 3 kg
L x W x H
114 x 86.5 x 133 mm

Long, freely programmable stroke with parallel finger movement

The SCHUNK gripper EGH has robust parallel kinematics with a large stroke that can be controlled flexibly.


  • Coverage of a wide range of workpieces
  • Constant gripping force along the full stroke
  • Simple programming, as the parallel gripping movement
    does not require Z-compensation

Flexible fingers – included in the starter pack

With the mounting of flexible gripper fingers, the gripper can be adapted quickly and easily to various workpieces.


  • High variability for different applications
  • Time saved as it is not necessary to change fingers and gripper

Status display via LED light band – freely programmable

The integrated light band can be controlled via digital signals to display three preset colors.


  • Time saving with fault detection
  • Clear visual feedback when executing commands

All technical details

Extend the functions of your cobot with the Plug & Work product portfolio from SCHUNK

SCHUNK now offers a complete Plug & Work product portfolio that is compatible with all robot arms from Universal Robots. Therefore SCHUNK is the world's first manufacturer to offer an extensive range of standardized components for the 6-axis lightweight robots from Universal Robots, which comprises both gripping and changing as well as measuring forces and torques.

Plug & Work product portfolio

SCHUNK Grippers

Always the right choice for your cobot application

Depending on the degree of collaboration of the application in which the cobot is used, SCHUNK offers the appropriate gripper.

SCHUNK grippers for collaboration types with separate work areas

The SCHUNK EGH is designed for applications where no direct collaboration between human and robot is required. This is guaranteed by appropriate safety devices. With its high flexibility and simplicity, the EGH facilitates a quick start with automation.

Simple and flexible gripper for cobots.
The robot is located behind a protective fence.
No protective fence, but also no common workspace.

SCHUNK Co-act EGP-C for collaboration types with a common work area

In applications where cobots collaborate directly with humans, the certified SCHUNK gripper Co-act EGP-C is available. This gripper's reliable safety features ensure that it can be used in the field of human-robot collaboration.

Co-act EGP-C
Certified industrial gripper for collaborative operation.
Sequential collaboration
Robots and workers work in the same workspace, but move one after the other.
Robot and worker work on the same part at the same time – both are in motion.
Reactive collaboration
Robot reacts in real time to the worker's movements.

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