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Your advantages of hydraulic expansion toolholders from the market leader


  • Sophisticated technology with simple operation
More than 30 years of experience in designing hydraulic expansion technology

  • Micron precise tool change in seconds without
    peripheral equipment
Time savings due to reduced set-up times and no investment
and energy costs for additional clamping devices

  • Excellent vibration damping
Micro-blowouts are prevented, best workpiece surfaces, machine spindle protection, increased tool service life resulting in a reduction of costs

  • Fine-balanced by default
With a balancing grade of G2.5 at 25,000 RPM,
suitable for high speeds of rotation.

  • Permanent run-out and repeat accuracy
    < 0.003 mm
Even cutting action, increased tool service life,
and reduced costs for regrinding or
buying new tools

  • Dirt grooves for reliable torque transmission
Dry clamping surfaces, by displacement of oil,
grease or lubricant residues into the dirt groove

  • High level of flexibility
Clamping of different diameters due to the use of slotted or coolant-proof intermediate sleeves

Benefit from the inventor's experience

Hydrodehn logo

  • SCHUNK - the pioneer in hydraulic expansion technology
  • The first clamping tools were produced with the hydro-expansion principle as early as 1980 for a wide range of our customers' applications
  • Our expansion toolholders for clamping shank tools were standardized in 1983
  • In response to the already constantly increasing requirements of dynamic production technology, a patent was filed on 02/26/1990
  • TENDO was launched in 1990 as a new generation of standard expansion toolholders

Continuously perfected for your requirements


TENDO Platinum
Over 30 years of experience.


Super-slim. High-precision. Optimized interfering contours.


Zero interfering contours.


TENDO E compact
Up to 300% longer tool service life.


TENDO Slim 4ax
1:1 interchangeable with heat shrink toolholder


Same shape, but with an intelligent real-time sensor system

Satisfied customers drive us

"The hydraulic expansion toolholders from SCHUNK are the right mounts for us because they decouple the vibrations. Compared to heat shrinking technology, using hydraulic expansion technology not only offered a better energy balance, but also better machining results."

Lukas Betz (center), Managing Director, ROC
"Every single measuring device that we machine here undergoes a hundred percent inspection. Because we are extremely strict about everything here, we are happy to now be able to continue working seamlessly with the new TENDO E compact. We can hereby be sure that everything is one thousand percent correct."

Martin Römer (center), Plant Manager, Lehren- und Meßgerätewerk Schmalkalden
"With TENDO Slim 4ax, it was possible to achieve significantly longer tool life and optimal surfaces, allowing us to completely eliminate a second finishing process that was previously necessary."

Thomas Petermann, Production Manager, South Branch, Ingersoll Werkzeuge GmbH, Vaihingen-Horrheim
TENDO-Classic sectional diagram

1) Clamping screw

The clamping screw is used to move the clamping piston. Clamp the clamping screw to dead stop using an Allen key. A torque wrench is not needed.

2) Clamping piston

The clamping piston compresses the hydraulic fluid into the oil chamber system.

3) Expansion sleeve and oil chamber

The expansion sleeve evenly expands against the tool shank. The tool shank is centered first and then clamped powerfully and uniformly across the entire surface during this clamping process. When the chamber system is filled with hydraulic fluid, it has a damping effect on the clamped tool. Wear on the cutting edge of the tool is minimized, service life is increased by up to 40%.

4) Base body

The machine-side interface is located on the base body.

5) Length-setting screw

For fast and easy tool-presetting.

6) Tool

The tool is centrically clamped to the middle axis – highest run-out and repeat accuracy of less than < 0.003 mm.

7) Dirt groove

The enormous clamping pressure of the hydraulic expansion toolholder creates a displacement of oil, grease, or lubricant residues into the groove, whereby the clamping surfaces stay dry.

TENDO-Classic sectional diagram

Modern hydraulic expansion toolholders are more sustainable

Especially in this day and age, sustainability in the production process is becoming increasingly important. The focus is not only on saving energy. The economic efficiency of the means of production used and the retention of skilled workers in the company have also become elementary components.

With hydraulic expansion technology from SCHUNK, you can contribute to more sustainable production. Due to the choice of many different TENDO models, conventional clamping devices can be easily replaced for almost all metal cutting tasks.

Logo sustainability

The reasons why hydraulic expansion toolholders are sustainable:


  • Significantly longer service life than shrink toolholders
  • Reprocessing possible by SCHUNK for a second life cycle
  • No material fatigue due to the shrinking process, thus consistent clamping quality
  • Efficient production process due to a fast tool change of maximum 2 minutes

Resource saving:

  • No energy expenditure as with shrinking
  • Less power consumption and lower CO2 emissions


  • Skilled workers like to work with modern work equipment
  • Safe clamping without risk of burns for employees
  • Easy handling and thus pleasant work

Always the optimum tool holding system for your task

Total tooling segmentation


  • SCHUNK iTENDO² for safe "closest-to-the-part" workpiece machining in the unmanned, automated production process with the necessary intelligence

Find out more about iTENDO²


  • SCHUNK TENDO Platinum is DIN-compliant in 29 interfaces and over 1,000 variants
  • SCHUNK TENDO Slim 4ax in DIN-standardised heat shrink contour


  • SCHUNK TENDO LSS, ES, KSR, ZERO and Engineered are problem solvers for the most demanding tasks in every machining process


  • SCHUNK TENDO E compact for volume machining, drilling, reaming and threading

Find out more about TENDO E compact


  • Mechanical toolholders form the basis of the SCHUNK total tooling complete program

Quickly find the matching toolholder

Find the right hydraulic expansion toolholder from the SCHUNK portfolio with just a few clicks.

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