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ID 162098

GST 140-160 II

Hard Stepped Block Jaws
Ready for shipment from 11 working days
GST 140-160 II, Hard Stepped Block Jaws
  • Serration: Straight serration
  • Delivery unit: 1 set = 3 pieces

Digital services GST 140-160 II

Matching with the product GST 140-160 II, we offer various digital services – the perfect complement for maximum efficiency, planning and process reliability.

Technical data GST 140-160 II

Product group Hard Stepped Block Jaws
Serration Straight serration
Width B [mm] 20
Height H [mm] 43.5
Height H1 [mm] 22
Length L [mm] 58
Clamping depth T [mm] 7
Material Steel 16MnCr5, case-hardened
m/set [kg] 0.7
Clamping a full range is only possible by using two sets of block jaws (I+II)

Product reviews GST 140-160 II

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    Accessory GST 140-160 II

    The following components make the product GST 140-160 II even more productive – the right addition for maximum functionality, flexibility, reliability and process safety.


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