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Batch sizes are getting smaller, cost pressure is increasing, competition is not letting up – the challenges you face are enormous. There is a lot of potential in your company to master these challenges. SCHUNK supports you in using this potential and discovering hidden opportunities!

Together with you, we take a close look at them. We will help you to optimize your existing equipment and improve your processes – for achieving greater flexibility, less set-up time, meaningful synergies, higher precision, effective efficiency and rewarding profitability. Use the process and application knowledge of your expert SCHUNK for this!


Easily and flexibly manufacture a wide variety of workpieces. The optimum solution for every requirement.

Optimize set-up times

Precise and fast changeover of a wide variety of tools and clamping devices in automated or manual machine loading.


Deformation-free clamping, precise machining. For parts of the highest product quality – whether small and delicate or large and heavy.

Economic efficiency

Maximum process reliability and low-maintenance components reduce system downtime to a minimum. For profitable one-off or small batch production.


Power meets precision – high dynamics for the effective production of a wide variety of workpieces.

Synergy effects

Fully use the maximum potential of machine tools and systems through the perfect interplay of all components.

Lightweight lathe chuck – Dynamic processes

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A system for the highest demands on quality, efficiency and economy:
The slim, fast TRIBOS-S polygonal toolholder used with the weight-reduced 3-jaw ROTA NCE power lathe chuck with through-hole.

Economic efficiency

The ROTA NCE power lathe chuck is extremely weight-reduced yet robust. With up to 40% reduced moment of inertia at highest rigidity, the cycle times and energy costs are reduced. The toolholder TRIBOS-S is absolutely maintenance-free. Up to four times higher tool service lives. Simply work together for more sustainability.

Increasing requirements – Increasing performance

Benefit from gripping and clamping processes for your automation that have been well thought-out to the very detail. For example, with a system, consisting of VERO-S NSA plus palletizing module and VERO-S NSR robot coupling for automated loading of a machine tool used for small and medium batch sizes. In combination with benchmark gripper PGN-plus-P and TENDO E compact, the most durable hydraulic expansion toolholder on the market.


We optimize the performance of your machine to the maximum possible extent with unique expert knowledge and superior components. SCHUNK Synergy – the perfectly harmonized interplay of gripping systems and toolholding and workholding technology makes previously unused potential accessible to you – ideal conditions for the most effective processes.

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Manual loading – Optimize with system


Powerful, precise and economical due to solutions from a single source: with a machining center for manual machine loading and milling application. Consisting of palletizing system with clamping station, single-acting vises and toolholder.


Use the components of the SCHUNK modular system with over 1,000 workpiece clamping variants. For achieving more synergy effects, everything is already perfectly matched in KONTEC single-acting vises. Due to minimal bending load because of tensile stress, they can be perfectly combined with the VERO-S quick-change pallet systems – and reduce your set-up times by up to 90%. Continue optimizing: with the TENDO E compact toolholder, you will benefit from up to 300% longer tool service lives.

Reduce deformation – maximize profitability

Produce workpieces that are sensitive to deformation on a permanently economical basis, with the highest quality – and with a wide range of requirements. For example, with the sealed 6-jaw ROTA NCR-A power lathe chuck with pendulum mechanism for low-deformation clamping. Equipped on the tool side with the durable TENDO E compact hydraulic expansion toolholder.

Economic efficiency

Maintenance intervals down, process reliability up: The 6-jaw ROTA NCR-A power lathe chuck reduces system downtime to a minimum due to its innovative sealing system. The TENDO E compact hydraulic expansion toolholder offers impressive performance when it comes to milling, drilling, reaming or thread cutting, with up to 300% longer tool service lives. Welcome to the team for maximum economic efficiency in raw part machining.

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