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Magnetic gripper
Electro-permanent magnetic gripper for energy-efficient handling of ferromagnetic workpieces with integrated electronics and feedback function

Advantages – Your benefits

  • High holding forces at lowest space
    for reliable part handling in compact machines
  • Integrated electronics
    Compact design, as no additional controller is required
  • Low weight
    for high dynamics in challenging applications
  • Reliable holding force maintenance
    to ensure process reliable operation even in scenarios with emergency stop
  • The gripping force can be adjusted in four stages
    ensures gripping of various workpieces
  • Control via 24 V power supply
    saves energy and simplifies the connection and the wiring
  • Workpiece accessibility from five sides free from interfering contours
    by unnecessary gripper fingers
  • Response on magnetization condition and workpiece presence
    saves time and simplifies the programming
  • NEW:
    Sizes EMH-MP and EMH-DP as a solution for special requirements

Options and special information

  • Pole extension
    The use of pole extensions alters the magnetic flux and can affect the holding force if incorrectly designed. Pole extensions also affect component detection. Workpieces may no longer be detected.
  • Heating
    Each activation increases the internal temperature of the product. Overheating reduces the magnetic characteristics and can destroy the product. The number of activations per minute must be adjusted so that the maximum permissible product temperature is not reached.
  • Material dependence
    The product is designed to hold almost all ferromagnetic materials. The achievable holding force depends, among other things, on the respective workpiece material. Accordingly, with some ferromagnetic materials a reduction in the nominal holding force can be expected.
  • Material efficiency
    Conventional steel (Fe 360) 100%, ferromagnetic crude steel (10-C15) 90%, tool, case-hardened and sectional steels 70 - 80%, magnetic stainless steel 65%, cast iron 50%
  • Magnetic field evaluation
    Due to occupational safety and the danger from electromagnetic fields, the EMH was subjected to a magnetic field evaluation. For more information, please contact us.