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Long-stroke gripper
Electric 2-finger parallel gripper with lightweight profile rail guide and adaptable servomotor

Advantages – Your benefits

  • High moments due to profiled rail guide
    suitable for using long gripper fingers
  • Extremely flat design
    for minimal interfering contours
  • Adaptable drive motor
    for versatile approach and easy integration into existing control concepts
  • Position and torque-controlled movement of the gripper
    For very flexible gripping of various geometries and types of components
  • Radial motor and parallel assembly
    for flexible adaptation to gantries or robots
  • Safety functions such as STO and SLS
    can be realized by the use of a suitable drive motor and controller

Options and special information

  • Flexible in motor and controller selection
    The electrical control is carried out via an adaptable servo drive using common standard controller like Bosch or Siemens.
  • Easy integration
    The easy integration into the control system is ensured by the possibility of attaching a common servomotor.
  • Identical control
    Like a normal servo axis, the gripper can be directly controlled and interpolated with existing axes.
  • Complete solutions
    On request, SCHUNK can supply complete solutions including motor, gear, controller, and cables.