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Passion for technology. Solidarity through conviction.

Technologies for the future – made by people
We are a global leader in toolholding and workholding, gripping technology and automation technology, and develop innovative solutions for Production 4.0. There is one factor behind this success that stands out above the rest: a great team of more than 3,700 people.

What defines us

Our weakness for technology is our strength.

We have a burning passion for everything that has anything to do with technology. We are fascinated by the way it will change the world of tomorrow. Based on this understanding, we are developing the solutions for today and tomorrow.

Good quality isn't something we take for granted.

SCHUNK products stand for quality. Our products are built on all of the expertise and experience we have amassed for generations. Our goal is to get a little bit better every single day as a team.


Quality arises from the experienced values

  • Pioneering spirit
    It all started in 1945 with a vision and a used lathe. That was used by Friedrich Schunk to develop a solution for virtually any mechanical task. We have held on to that pioneering spirit to this day. We love tasks that we can grow with.

  • Appreciation
    We work on machines. But above all: we work with people. With our friendly and respectful "hand in hand mentality," we help support each other and truly value our actions, work and the impact we make. That is how everyone can pursue their own strengths.

  • Quality
    Quality is our top priority. Our products are usually used for decades. Behind this high quality standard lies a great deal of experience and expertise, as well as a certain competitive ambition.

  • Reliability
    Technical products are only as reliable as the people who manufacture, sell and maintain them. We are committed and diligent, and we keep our promises.

  • Caring culture
    When we care, we really care. Our high level of personal commitment inspires our customers and enables them to achieve their goals. We are only satisfied once we have found a compelling solution for the task at hand.

  • Clarity
    With current and long-term developments in mind, we work together to develop concepts and to find answers to the complex questions of the future, pursuing our chosen focus areas and where we want to continue to grow.

Joining the SCHUNK team

We equip robotic systems and manufacturing plants with high-tech components – worldwide and in virtually any industry that is relevant to the future. We clamp workpieces weighing 700 kilogram for wind turbines and move highly fragile materials such as butter cookies from assembly lines to packaging lines. In doing so, we are highly professional while also being personable.

Our secret of success: we are collaborative, committed and respectful. We work hand in hand, supporting each other and jointly seeking out innovative solutions for challenging technological tasks.

We offer freedom for genuine initiative. We embrace appreciation and promote cooperation to bring promising ideas forward. The lines are short and the doors are always open. Of course, we offer a modern and safe working environment, attractive remuneration and flexible working hours.

Working for a tech company with such a human touch may sound too good to be true – but feel free to get to know us and see for yourself. And let's work hand in hand for a better tomorrow.

What we are very proud of

For digitalizing a machine tool

For innovative gripping technology

For functional and sustainable design

For bionically inspired gripping technology

For the intelligent design of cobots

For special training concepts

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A great opportunity to get to know each other

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Our career and education fairs taking place in the near future

We participate in a number of fairs and events both domestically and abroad – where the SCHUNK spirit is practically palpable. You can feel free to contact us at any time or make an appointment ahead of time for a chat. At these events, you also have the opportunity to experience the fascination of our products first hand. We would be happy to provide you with some insight into the SCHUNK world and learn more about you.

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