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Universal swivel unit
Universally usable unit for pneumatic swivel and turning movements

Advantages – Your benefits

  • Finely graded series with a steady increase in torque
    for multiple cases of application, the correct size as a standard product is available
  • Swivel angle can be selected as either 90° or 180°
    complete flexibility in selecting the angle of rotation, application-specific angles possible on request
  • End position adjustability
    +3°/-3° (small) or +3°/-90° (large) can be selected
  • Middle position can be selected as pneumatic or locked
    The locked middle position can be unlocked when loaded. The two types of middle positions always allow further rotation in either direction.
  • Fluid feed-through can be used for gases, fluids, and vacuum
    therefore no interfering hoses
  • Electrical rotary feed-through
    for long-lasting, reliable feed-through of sensor, actuator or optionally bus signals
  • Choice of electronic magnetic sensors or inductive proximity sensors
    for absolute variability of position monitoring
  • Exchangeable screw-in guide sleeves (bushing)
    allow for easy maintenance and rapid exchange t after several million cycles.
  • Series extends
    downwards with the SRU-mini series, for a wide range of applications

Options and special information

  • For particularly damping-intensive swivel movements, additional, external shock absorbers can be fitted. Due to the innovative sleeve technology, special rotation angles of more than 180° can be provided quickly and economically. Please contact us for assistance.
  • On request, we can also provide our electric feed-throughs with M5 or M12 connection sockets. On request, the electric feed-throughs can also be used to transmit bus signals.
  • Please note that suitable emergency stop scenarios (e.g. controlled shut down) and restarting scenarios (e.g. pressure build-up valves, appropriate valve switching sequences) are needed for all pneumatic actuators.
  • Cutting off the pressure in an uncontrolled manner could lead to undefined states and behavior.
  • Food-grade lubrication
    The product contains food-compliant lubricants as standard. The requirements of standard EN 1672-2:2020 are not fully met. The relevant NSF certificates are available at using the lubricant information in the operating manual. Components such as rolling bearings, linear guides, or shock absorbers are not provided with food-compliant lubricants.