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Flexible position sensor
The FPS system is used to determine up to five jaw positions of a SCHUNK gripper. For this purpose, the magnetic sensor of the FPS system detects a magnet installed in the gripper.
The FPS system can be teached in five areas of the gripper and digitally displays the area in which the current jaw position is located.

Advantages – Your benefits

  • Easy programming
    with only two push buttons or via machine control unit with free control cables
  • Easy commissioning
    since all positions can be adjusted by the customer himself using the teach-in procedure
  • Monitoring of five positions in one system
    for greater efficiency towards single sensors
  • Digital outputs
    for easy integration
  • Insensitive to contaminations
    by not ferromagnetic materials
  • Function and switching condition display
    via LEDs at the evaluation electronics
  • Many more additional features
    - Communication and remote maintenance via RS232 protocol - Position programming and read out of switching points - Monitoring of temperature and input voltage - Visualization via PC possible - Data logging - Calibration of the system to gripper stroke

Options and special information

  • Sources of interference
    Sensors can be influenced by other magnetic fields in the immediate vicinity. Disturbing magnetic fields can be generated by motors, electric welders, permanent magnets or magnetized material (so-called soft magnets) such as hexagon socket wrenches, chips, etc.
  • Resolution of the FPS system
    The resolution is the minimum stroke difference necessary for reliably distinguishing between two signals. The FPS system achieves a resolution of 1-3% of a jaw stroke in combination with most SCHUNK grippers. Some grippers only achieve 10% resolution due to their design. Please contact us for further information.
  • Software
    The "FPS Controller" software is only compatible with Windows 7 or older Windows versions.