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Compensation unit Z AGE-Z 2, Size: 63

  • Compensation Z: 8 mm
  • Workpiece weight: 9 kg
  • Force Fz max.: 350 N
  • Force Fd max.: 1000 N
  • Max. spring force: 60 N

Technical data AGE-Z 2-063-1

Compensation Z [mm] 8
Recommended handling weight [kg] 9
Locking force retracted at 6 bar [N] 800
Locking force extended at 6 bar [N] 900
Min. spring force [N] 40
Max. spring force [N] 60
Min. operating pressure [bar] 2.5
Max. operating pressure [bar] 6
Repeat accuracy [mm] 0.02
Robot-side connection ISO 9409-1-63-4-M6
Weight [kg] 0.8
Min. ambient temperature [°C] 5
Max. ambient temperature [°C] 60
Length X [mm] 80
Width Y [mm] 80
Height Z [mm] 59.5
Moment Mx max. [Nm] 20
Moment My max. [Nm] 20
Moment Mz max. [Nm] 50
Force Fz max. [N] 350
Max. force Fd [N] 1000

General notes about the series

Harsh environmental conditions
Please note that use under harsh environmental conditions (e.g. in the coolant area, cast and grinding dust) can considerably reduce the service life of the units, and we will not take over any warranty. However, in many cases we can find a solution. Please contact us for assistance.

Handling weight
is the weight of the total load attached to the flange. When designing, the permissible forces and moments have to be paid attention to. Please note that exceeding the recommended handling weight will shorten the lifespan.

Guidance system
Scope-free ball bearings

via magnetic switch or inductive proximity sensor

pneumatic, with filtered compressed air as per ISO 8573-1:2010 [7:4:4].

hard anodized aluminum alloy, functional parts made of hardened steel

Scope of delivery
Robot-side mounting screws

24 months

Product reviews AGE-Z 2-063-1

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    Accessory AGE-Z 2-063-1

    The following components make the product AGE-Z 2-063-1 even more productive – the right addition for maximum functionality, flexibility, reliability and process safety.