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Universal swivel head SRH-plus-D, Size: 30, pneumatic, Shock absorber version: soft, Angle of rotation: 180 °, End position adjustability: 3 °, End position damping: Spring-elastomer, with integrated electrical feed-through

  • No. of fluid feed-throughs: 4
  • Size of the E-connections on the output end: M8
  • Torque: 9.5 Nm

Technical data SRH-plus-D 30-W-M8-AS

Angle of rotation [°] 180
End position adjustability [°] 3
Torque [Nm] 9.5
IP protection class 67
Weight [kg] 4.5
Fluid consumption (2x nom. angle) [cm³] 145
Swivel time without a payload [s] 0.9
Nominal operating pressure [bar] 6
Min. operating pressure [bar] 3
Max. operating pressure [bar] 8
Diameter of connecting hose 6 x 3.9 x 1.05
No. of fluid feed-throughs 4
Max. pressure fluid feed-through [bar] 8
Min. ambient temperature [°C] 5
Max. ambient temperature [°C] 60
Repeat accuracy [°] 0.05
No. of E-fittings on the output end 4
Size of the E-connections on the output end M8
Max. voltage [V] 24
Max. current per wire [A] 1
Max. current [A] 1
Length X [mm] 96
Width Y [mm] 144
Height Z [mm] 144
Moment Mx max. [Nm] 19
Max. axial force Fz max. [N] 800
All units are also available in an FKM version. Please contact us for details.

General notes about the series

Repeat accuracy
is defined as a distribution of the end position for 100 consecutive cycles.

Customized angle of rotation
More swivel angles are available on request.

Torque in the end positions
Please note that the final angular degrees (approx. 2°) before the end position can only be approached using the force of a single drive piston. For this reason, double actuated modules only have about half the rated torque available in this area. An external stop can be used to provide the full torque even in the end positions.

Swiveling time
is the rotation time of pinion/flange around the nominal rotation angle. Valve switching times, hose filling times, or PLC reaction times are not included and are to be considered when cycle times are calculated.

Standard conditions
The technical data shown refers to an environment of 20 °C and atmospheric pressure.

Housing material
Aluminum alloy, anodized

pneumatic, with filtered compressed air as per ISO 8573-1:2010 [7:4:4].

Operating principle
Double piston rack and pinion principle

Scope of delivery
Centering sleeves, O-rings for direct connection, assembly and operating manual with manufacturer’s declaration

24 months

Service life characteristics
on request

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