HRC gripper Co-act meets Cobots

The NEW SCHUNK grippers for collaborative operations. Interacting intelligently and safely with humans.

Under the brand name Co-act (collaborative actuator), SCHUNK will be presenting its gripping technology program for safe human-robot collaboration (HRM). SCHUNK received the Hermes award at the Hannover Messe 2017 for the SCHUNK Co-act JL1 gripper, the world's first intelligent gripping module for human/robot collaboration, which directly interacts and communicates with humans. The Hermes Award is the most coveted technology prize in the world.

Grippers for collaborative applications

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus Glück, Managing Director Research & Development, CINO SCHUNK in interview

According to automation experts, collaborative scenarios in tomorrow's production will be given, just like PCs are in the workplace today. Besides collaborative robots, the so-called cobots, gripping tools also play a central role in collaborative applications. With it's DGUV-certified Co-act grippers, SCHUNK, the competence leader for gripping systems and clamping technology is considered to be a pioneer in equipping cobots. In the interview, Managing Director of Research & Development, CINO Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus Glück explains the current challenges and opportunities.

To the interview

SCHUNK grippers for collaborative operation

Interacting intelligently and safely with humans.

How to find the optimum gripper for your application

To determine the optimum gripper for HRC applications, the properties of the task, workpiece and gripper must also be taken into

account. The SCHUNK Co-act team recommends a structured approach, considering all factors and parameters.

Step 1

Description of task and feasibility test

  • Are the task and workpiece suitable for human/robot collaboration?

Step 2

Selection of the robot or cobot

  • Definition of the basic system with mechanical and electrical connection of the peripheral devices
  • Ensuring a defined control

Step 3

Selecting of the gripper in collaboration with the SCHUNK Co-act team considering the following points:

  • Workpiece with respect to gripping position, required gripping force, and required stroke
  • Pick and place position and in turn analysis of the interfering contour
  • Connection to the superordinate mechanical and electrical periphery
  • Contact and shear points on the gripper or the attachment fingers

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