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The most proven gripper on the market. Now new with perfected multi-tooth guidance and permanent lubrication. Lifelong maintenance-free.
The easily adjustable, flexible SCHUNK gripper for cobots.
The electrical small components gripper for the easiest commissioning and most reliable maintenance of gripping force.
The first intelligent toolholder for real-time process control on the market.
The high-performance pneumatic quick-change pallet system for universal milling machining.
Depaneling machines
The new universal depaneling machines from SCHUNK consistently set new benchmarks in precision, speed, and process reliability.
Linear module ELP
No other electric linear module on the market is as easy to adjust.
TENDO Slim 4ax
The world's first slim hydraulic expansion toolholder in standardized heat shrinking contour as per DIN 69882-8.
The quick-change pallet technology that reduces your set-up time by up to 90%.
The world's first DGUV-certified 5-finger hand.
The versatile powerhouses! This is how to clamp efficiently.
TENDO E compact
The universal hydraulic expansion toolholder. Extends your tool service life by up to 300%.
The first simple electric gripper with proven multi-tooth guidance, permanent lubrication, digital actuation, and 24 V drive.
SCHUNK Grippers
SCHUNK Grippers - The milestones from 1983 to 2016.
ROTA-S plus 2.0
The manual chuck for jaw quick change in less than 60 seconds.
The electric gripper for small components with the most compact performance in assembly automation. 180% better gripping force/mass ratio.
5-sided workpiece machining in a single set-up. Deformation-free and low-vibration clamping.
The most powerful pneumatic miniature parallel gripper on the market. 25% higher gripping force.
The rotary actuator with the largest, most comprehensive range on the market. 100% cycle increase.
The quick-change system for up to 90% faster, fully automatic component change for your robot.
The unique patented polygonal clamping technology - from micro to finest processing, up to heavy-duty and volume machining.
The centric-clamping devices. 100% encapsulated. 100% sealed.

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The standard reference works for the most extensive range of gripping systems and clamping technology are available as digital catalogs and PDF downloads. Or simply order for free.
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