The optimized gripper weight of the PGN-Plus-P - makes me superior

"Automating machining centers always involves safely gripping, clamping and moving workpieces, some of which are very heavy.
For this purpose, we rely on clamping and gripping system solutions from SCHUNK in a number of areas."
- Florian Lang, Concept Development and Technical Sales Technology Center of the HEITEC Group, Ardagger-Stift, Austria

The Story

Innovative automated solutions for the high-tech manufacturing centers of DMG-Mori AG, one of the world's leading manufacturers of CNC lathes and milling machines, are created in the Technology Center of the HEITEC Group, located in Ardagger Stift, in the Linz region of Austria.

Industrial robots used at its smalles size possible but with the same full potential
The size of the applied industrial robot is an important criterion for the design conception of a robot cell. This is not only due to the required footprint or the higher price. Interfering contours also significantly increase with the robot size, and make the handling more and more difficulty. Therefore the automation experts at HEITEC try to use robots at its smallest size possible, while still ensuring safe and reliable handling of the workpiece weight. "In this context, the optimal ratio of gripper weight to workpiece weight plays a decisive role. And this is where the PGN-Plus-P grippers from SCHUNK truly impress. They can even grip heavy workpieces with a comparatively low gripper weight, thereby using the full potential of the robot. In our projects, this often leads to the use of smaller industrial robots," Florian Lang continues.

The right gripper makes the difference
The PGN-Plus-P grippers are able to offer these high gripping forces due to their patented multi-tooth guidance, which can absorb high moments. Integrated permanent lubrication also means that the grippers are lifelong maintenance-free. Due to the comprehensive portfolio of the PGN-Plus-P gripper series, HEITEC specialists can always find just the right solution at SCHUNK. The product range of this series expands from grippers for small components, universal, long-stroke and heavy-duty grippers to dust-proof grippers for more demanding operating conditions. And if the requirements are even more specific, the contact persons at SCHUNK in Linz, Austria can also offer quick help with individual solutions. The close partnership between SCHUNK and HEITEC provides the opportunity for regular and intensive exchange of ideas that can greatly benefit both parties. The experience gained from industrial practice also allows for further optimization of the PGN-Plus-P program. And brand new innovations from the SCHUNK gripper specialists are creating possibilities for completely new and even more efficient automated solutions.

We are satisfied when our customers are satisfied
"As a solution provider for innovative automation solutions with over 40 years of experience, we have relied on the competence and quality from SCHUNK right from the beginning. But what is even more important to us, is that our customers are also satisfied with the used grippers - with SCHUNK solutions have always resulted in the best of experiences. This means that I no longer have to worry about the grippers in our sometimes quite complex systems," concludes a visibly satisfied Florian Lang.

The PGN-plus-P gripper in use at HEITEC

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