The new SCHUNK PGN-plus-P and PGN-plus-E grippers

New: 50% longer gripper fingers + longlife maintenance-free* + 50% higher gripping force

The new SCHUNK PGN-plus-P and PGN-plus-E grippers

Now NEW with permanent lubrication in the multi-tooth guidance! Lifelong maintenance-free.* Guarantieed!


The new SCHUNK PGN-plus-P and PGN-plus-E grippers offer an improvement on proven technology. The three new features of the new pneumatic SCHUNK PGN-plus-P distinguishes by: improved multi-tooth guidance, permanent lubrication with permanent lubrication pockets, and maximum force for higher workpiece weights.

* Under normal, clean operating conditions.

The patented SCHUNK multi-tooth guidance. Proven technology Now even better!


The new SCHUNK PGN-plus-P and PGN-plus-E grippers are the result of more than 30 years of SCHUNK competence. They are based on an ingenious innovation strategy, which continuously expands proven basic components with highly up-to-date features. In 2000, SCHUNK acknowledged that the T-slot guidance that had been in use until then with force/ moment absorption needed to be improved. This was the moment SCHUNK multi-tooth guidance was born, which makes the SCHUNK PGN-plus-P universal gripper to the world's best gripper.

T-slot guidance. Conventional technology.

The generated forces and torques must be shouldered by two guideways. In the process, considerable load peaks can arise, which can lead to premature wear and loss in precision.

= gripper fingers

= finger load




SCHUNK multi-tooth guidance. Patented technology.

The patented SCHUNK multi-tooth guidance redefines precision and durability in the SCHUNK PGN-plus universal gripper. Forces and torques are distributed to the guiding areas of several prism guides arranged in parallel. Therefore, the guides have a higher bearing capacity and ensure considerably better stability.

= up to 30% longer gripper fingers

= up to 100% higher finger load

New SCHUNK multi-tooth guidance.

The tried and tested guidance technology has been made even better! With the NEW SCHUNK multi-tooth guidance , the distance between the load bearing surfaces has been considerably increased.

The result: Higher moment loads can be accomodated and longer gripper fingers can be used.

= up to 50% longer gripper fingers

= up to 120% higher finger load





The product features at a glance

The product features at a glance


The world's most proven gripper on the market - Now NEW with permanent lubrication in the multi-tooth guidance. Lifelong maintenance-free.* Guaranteed!

* Under normal, clean operating conditions.

Technical Data


SizeStroke per jaw [mm]Gripping force [N]max. admissible finger length [mm]





30 years functional warranty
- The SCHUNK long life warranty


The patented SCHUNK multi-tooth guidance makes it possible to achieve the highest possible gripping forces, a large moment, and power absorption as well as precise handling in a reliable process. Only SCHUNK offers the unique long-life warranty* for precision, robustness and reliability throughout the full life of the PGN-plus gripper.

Pneumatic SCHUNK grippers with multi-tooth guidance have a 30-year functional warranty (applies for Germany only) in addition to a 36-month warranty, and at no extra cost!

PGN-plus-P technology

With the new SCHUNK PGN-plus-P , SCHUNK is raising the bar even further for pneumatically powered universal grippers. By consistently optimizing multi-tooth guidance, it is setting a new benchmark for the market. At the same time the PGN-plus-P profits from the unique range of SCHUNK accessories for virtually the entire range of conceivable automation applications.

  • Up to 50% longer gripper fingers - due to higher maximum moments.

    The improved multi-tooth guidance enables the use of even longer gripper fingers for the same gripper size due to higher maximum moments, without overloading the guidance. Gripping with optimized interfering contours during handling tasks in confined spaces, is thereby made even easier.

  • Maximum life span due to lubrication pockets in the robust multi-tooth guidance.

    Permanent lubricant pockets ensure a continuous grease supply.At the same time, it ensures that an even lubricant film is created rapidly, even with short strokes.



  • Higher force

    The larger surface area of the piston in the same size gripper housing increases the grip force compared to the PGN-plus. Compared to the size of the gripper, heavier workpieces can be handled.

  • Maximum process safety.

    The multi-tooth guidance enables a greater diagonal pull surface, and therefore a lower surface pressure, for process-reliable and low-wear transmission of power to the base jaw.

Our answer for flexibility: a variety of accessories.

Our answer for flexibility: a variety of accessories.



Both SCHUNK micro valves in cylindrical design can be directly mounted on the gripper. This saves cycle time, cabling costs, and compressed air costs.

PGN-plus-P accessories


Sensor system


Depending on the sensor selected, up to two sensing positions can be freely programmed with the SCHUNK MMS 22 PI sensors.

MMS-PI2 sensor



Multi-tooth is our program. Discover the variety of SCHUNK grippers with multi-tooth guidance. Whether 3 or 4-finger centered, in the thicker version or with center bores. You can benefit from process reliable operation for your specific process.

You have your requirements. We have the new PGN-plus-P!

You have your requirements. We have the new PGN-plus-P!



  • Gripping force maintenance version AS / IS
    The mechanical gripping force maintenance version ensures a minimum gripping force also in the case of a drop in pressure. In the AS / S version this has the effect of a closing force, in the IS version of an opening force
  • Corrosion protection version K
    for use in corrosion-inducing atmospheres
  • High tempe