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Clamping force tester

Clamping force tester

Accessories lathe chucks standard
Clamping force tester for measuring the jaw clamping force of 2, 3 and 6-jaw chucks to ensure the greatest possible process reliability in daily use.

Advantages – Your benefits

  • Universally applicable
    Manufacturer-independent for 2, 3 or 6-jaw chucks
  • Flexibly adjustable clamping range
    Measuring of different clamping diameters
  • Wireless data transfer via app to an industrial tablet and export to other end devices
    Quick and easy data evaluation without troublesome cables
  • Direct display of the clamping force/RPM diagram in the app
    No further external devices required
  • Integrated database in the app
    Chuck history can be called up quickly and easily at any time
  • Extremely fast transmission of measured values
    High-resolution and extremely accurate clamping force - RPM diagrams
  • Long battery service life of the measuring head
    No constant recharing required
  • Loading duration of the measuring head below three minutes
    The measuring head is quickly ready for use even after a longer period of non-use

Options and special information

  • Versatile clamping force tester
    The versatile clamping force tester IFT is specially designed to ensure maximum process reliability and efficiency of lathe chucks in daily operations. It can be used on 2-, 3- and 6-jaw chucks with up to 6,000 RPM independent from the chuck manufacturer, and at a maximum clamping force of 90 kN per chuck jaw. Using adjustable extensions, it is possible to vary the clamping diameter between 72 mm, 96 mm and 136 mm.
  • Data evaluation is carried out wirelessly via an app on an industrial tablet computer or via the subsequent export to other end devices. The battery service life of the measuring head is more than 90 minutes; the charging time is below three minutes. The clamping force tester can be used for static measurement as well as for determining the loss of clamping force under speed, or for individual adjustment of the required initial clamping force for the respective machining operation.