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Universal gripper PGN-plus, Size: 40, pneumatic

  • Stroke per jaw: 2.5 mm
  • Closing force: 123 N
  • Opening force: 132 N
  • Max. ambient temperature: 90 °C

Digital services PGN-plus 40

Matching with the product PGN-plus 40, we offer various digital services – the perfect complement for maximum efficiency, planning and process reliability.

Technical data PGN-plus 40

Stroke per jaw [mm] 2.5
Closing force [N] 123
Opening force [N] 132
Closing force (with finger lengths of 0 mm) [N] 146
Opening force (with finger lengths of 0 mm) [N] 157
Weight [kg] 0.08
Recommended workpiece weight [kg] 0.62
Fluid consumption double stroke [cm³] 2.5
Min. operating pressure [bar] 2.5
Max. operating pressure [bar] 8
Nominal operating pressure [bar] 6
Min. air purge pressure [bar] 0.5
Max. air purge pressure [bar] 1
Closing time [s] 0.02
Opening time [s] 0.02
Max. permissible finger length [mm] 58
Max. permissible mass per finger [kg] 0.1
IP protection class 40
Min. ambient temperature [°C] 5
Max. ambient temperature [°C] 90
Repeat accuracy [mm] 0.01
Cleanroom class ISO 14644-1 5
Length X [mm] 50
Width Y [mm] 25
Height Z [mm] 24.6
Moment Mx max. [Nm] 10
Moment My max. [Nm] 12
Moment Mz max. [Nm] 5
Max. force axial Fz max. [N] 250
It may take a few 100 gripping cycles until the full gripping force (as indicated in the data table) will be available.

General notes about the series

Gripping force
is the arithmetic sum of the individual force applied to each jaw at distance P (see illustration).
Finger length
is measured from the reference surface as the distance P in direction to the main axis.
The maximum permissible finger length applies until the nominal operating pressure is achieved. With higher pressures, the finger length must be reduced proportionally to the nominal operating pressure.
Repeat accuracy
is defined as a distribution of the end Position for 100 consecutive strokes.
Workpiece weight
is calculated for force-fit gripping with a coefficient of static friction of 0.1 and a safety factor of 2 against workpiece slippage at acceleration due to gravity g. For form-fit or capture gripping, there are significantly higher permissible workpiece weights.
Closing and opening times
are purely the times that the base jaws or fingers are in motion. Valve switching times, hose fill times, or PLC reaction times are not included, and are to be considered when cycle times are calculated.
Cleanroom class ISO 14644-1:1999
Operating principle
Wedge gear with surface power transmission
Housing material
Base jaw material
pneumatic, with filtered compressed air as per ISO 8573-1:2010 [7:4:4].
36 months
Scope of delivery
Brackets for proximity switches, centering sleeves, O-rings for direct connection, assembly instructions (operating manual with declaration of incorporation is available online)
Gripping force maintenance device
possible by using the version with mechanical gripping force maintenance or pressure maintenance valve SDV-P

Product reviews PGN-plus 40

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    Accessory PGN-plus 40

    The following components make the product PGN-plus 40 even more productive – the right addition for maximum functionality, flexibility, reliability and process safety.

    Spare part PGN-plus 40

    For maximum reliability and longevity, SCHUNK offers the appropriate service for the productPGN-plus 40.


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