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Rotary gripping module with parallel gripper


0.18 s / 180° swivel time


Electric, 2-finger, parallel gripper swivel module with smoothly running base jaws guidance on roller bearings

Advantages – Your benefits

Control via digital I/O
for easy commissioning and rapid integration into existing systems.
Almost no wear parts
for high machine uptime and low operating costs
Small required space
as the rotary drive and gripper are merged in one compact module
Two to four stage adjustable gripping force
for simple adaption to sensitive workpieces
Four stage adjustable rotational speed
for high flexibility in cycle times
Very high maximum cycles per minute
for highest productivity
Backlash-free, pre-loaded cross roller guide
for precise gripping with nearly constant force for all permissible finger lengths
Standardized mounting bores
for numerous combinations with other components from the modular system

Options and special information

Manually adjustable gripping force
With an integrated rotary switch, the gripping force can be adjusted in two stages for the EGS 25 – 100% and 50%, and in four stages for EGS 40 – 100%, 75%, 50%, and 25%.

Manually adjustable rotational speed
With an integrated rotary switch, the rotational speed can be adjusted in four stages – 100%, 75%, 50%, and 25%.

Optional status monitoring via external sensor system
The status of the gripping and swiveling movements can be monitored by external senors.

KA connection cable
Connection cables with an angled or a straight female connector can be ordered in various lengths to connect the module with the power supply and higher-level control system.

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Digital services forEGS

Matching with the product EGS, we offer various digital services – the perfect complement for maximum efficiency, planning and process reliability.

2 Products found

Other characteristicsFewer features
EGS 25-N-N-B

EGS 25-N-N-B

ID 310820
Ready for shipment from stock
  • Stroke per jaw  3 mm
  • Min. gripping force  15 N
  • Max. gripping force  30 N
  • Nominal torque  0.04 Nm
  • Min. angle of rotation  30 °
  • Max. angle of rotation  270 °
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EGS 40-N-N-B

EGS 40-N-N-B

ID 1321043
Ready for shipment in 3-6 days
  • Stroke per jaw  6 mm
  • Min. gripping force  35 N
  • Max. gripping force  140 N
  • Nominal torque  0.115 Nm
  • Min. angle of rotation  30 °
  • Max. angle of rotation  270 °
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Accessories forEGS

The following components make the product EGS even more productive – the right addition for maximum functionality, flexibility, reliability and process safety.

Spareparts forEGS

For maximum reliability and longevity, SCHUNK offers the appropriate service for the productEGS.